Use the BurdaStyle Drape cardigan to wear a blanket in public!

BurdaStyle10-2014-113aEven though this BurdaStyle Drape Cardigan 10/2014 #113 was very easy to assemble and sew, I am incredibly proud of it for a few reasons. Continue reading


One last project for The Sewing Bee

This week was quite a challenge! We were all brainstorming in the discussion forum about what could they have in store for us for the final round that would really test our sewing skills. I was terrified that they would pick a tailored jacket or something I had never done. I was hoping it would be a holiday inspired outfit where I could go all out — I was overflowing with ideas that included sequins and maybe ostrich feathers? Anyway, that wasn’t it…Front-back BurdaPantsPants! Though I have finally conquered my fear of pants, and have made several pairs successfully, these are supposed to be out of non-stretch woven fabric! Super scary! The fit has to be perfect, no room for error. I had the hardest time finding fabric for the challenge, too, since the yardage I have accumulated for pants all have stretch in them. This tweed fabric was earmarked for a jacket when I felt ready to tackle that. Oh well. Who knows when that would be anyway! Continue reading

Easy A-line

PRSelfDraftedSkirt2aAs soon as I saw that Pattern Review was holding a Sewing Bee type contest I got worked up. Ideas flooded my mind, I made a list that covered an entire page. I entered early and waited anxiously for the details on our first challenge. I seriously woke up at the crack of dawn that day to find out what it was. I saw it was an A-line skirt. I went back to bed.

PRSelfDraftedSkirt4a Continue reading

Seriously wooly skirt


It has turned bone-chillingly cold here in the Pacific Northwest. I know that there are a lot of other, much colder places in the U.S. and elsewhere that laugh at my whiny self, but I still think that everyone will concede that 25 degrees is chilly and you should definitely layer up.

This is all to say that all I want to wear is leggings. I want to be comfy and warm during this cold spell. But we all know, leggings aren’t pants past the age of 5, so that means I either need some tunic length tops –like my sweater knit Burda, or some skirts. I looked in my closet and realized that I am too modest and have no skirts that end much higher than my knees. Knee length skirts and leggings make me feel frumpy. What I needed was a short flippy skirt solely for legging cover and specifically for these frigid winter days. Continue reading