Armholes for days on Vogue 1379

Vogue 1379 SewnBefore I make up a pattern that I do not want to muslin (which is most things) I look around the interweb to see if anyone else has made it and how it hangs on them. I couldn’t find a single review or finished version of Vogue 1379. But, since this dress is very loose fitting, there will be no detailed notes on my adjustments to this pattern.  It may not be very helpful after all, even if it is the only review! Continue reading

Vogue 8805- Colorblocked fun for The Monthly Stitch

Vogue8805outsideHere is the Monthly Stitch Challenge project finished (and photographed, which is the step that always slows this blog down) at last. I liked this pattern, Vogue 8805, much more than I expected. The fit in the shoulder and the shape of the top panel joining the middle panel is really great. Additionally, it includes adjustable darts—you pick the cup size. A very nice feature for this rather simple pattern. Continue reading

Vogue 1247 Gray textured top

Vogue1247 center frontThis top ended up being a pretty easy make. So easy, in fact, that I constructed most of it while I was tipsy! Considering that fact, I think it is a win that all my seams match up at the center front!

This fabric is an unique,  lightweight cotton with a nubbly texture and a bit of reflective sheen that unfortunately didn’t show up great in the pictures. It is neat stuff, and easy to work with — it didn’t slide around while sewing and it pressed out well. I wanted some sort of directional print to emphasize the interesting triangular pieces in front.  The fabric choice did that briliantly. Continue reading