Just a swingin’ people tank

McCalls6751dTurns out I have a ton of the “people” fabric left over from my Suzy pants. Sometimes pants patterns call for double the length of your leg, so I bought 2.5 yards. But what I have figured out in my vast pant making experience (3 pair!) is that if the apparel fabric is 60″ wide I can always get both pant legs on one width of fabric and I will only need 1.25 – 1.5 yards (making pants very economical, no?).

McCalls6751aSo I have a bunch of this great fabric sitting around. What to do with it? It had to be something light and breezy. So I used McCall’s 6751 to make this easy tank top. It features a hi-lo hem (no, I’m not sick of the hi-lo hem yet! More to come!) and a cute little box pleat detail at the back neckline that is impossible to see on my busy people fabric, but makes the back float down and out nicely.


Do you see the people? Look carefully!

I didn’t read the directions for this simple tank, so I can’t give a thorough review. I like the fit of the neckline and armhole very much. I might use that for other pattern modifications, actually.

McCalls6751gDuring construction I tried it on and it looked huge! I know what you are thinking – “What? A McCall’s pattern is too big? And why are you surprised, Helena?” The A-line shape was so exaggerated I looked like a tent. I thought I was going to have to do some major alterations on it, like take it in several inches on each side, and that would, of course, mess up the hemline curve, which was my favorite part of the otherwise pretty plain tank.

McCalls6751bBut instead of all that, I just chopped it off! I love the proportion so much now! I don’t know if I will wear it without a layer under it, but if the tank under it is slim it preserves the impression of a crop top without actually showing my tummy. Who knows, maybe we will have a super hot day here and I’ll wear it without something underneath…if I do, I will most certainly not take a picture and post it on the internet!

McCalls6751fI had so much extra fabric that I could make bias tape to finish my neckline and armholes. I love that finish and I wanted to make sure it stayed light and easy.  Then I just turned up the bottom hem twice.

MCalls6751hPlease note the awesome painted “H” background we found at a school in Bellevue. I wish I could do all my photos in front of my own signature monogram! Hmm… maybe I should paint one of these on the side of my house?

Hemlock beyond recognition

pinkHemlock5Now, if you are here to see how Grainline’s Hemlock Tee fits, this is not your post. I made many alterations to this pattern and I didn’t keep very good track of the how or why of it. But I finally ended up with a great T-shirt that I love wearing! This soft, drapey jersey is so lovely. It was $2 a yard in LA, and I also made my daughter a shirt from it. Continue reading

A slinky take on a sweatshirt

GussiedUpSweatshirt4I have to admit that I adore this current “gussied up” sweatshirt trend I’ve seen everywhere. I know I’ve mentioned that the name of my blog comes from the weather here in the PacNW. I tend to be cold quite often. And that means that if I didn’t love beautiful clothes and fashion so much I would be perfectly happy in a sweatshirt 80% of the time. But, alas, I do love cute clothes, and I try to pull it together, at least part of the time. Continue reading

Vogue 1247 Gray textured top

Vogue1247 center frontThis top ended up being a pretty easy make. So easy, in fact, that I constructed most of it while I was tipsy! Considering that fact, I think it is a win that all my seams match up at the center front!

This fabric is an unique,  lightweight cotton with a nubbly texture and a bit of reflective sheen that unfortunately didn’t show up great in the pictures. It is neat stuff, and easy to work with — it didn’t slide around while sewing and it pressed out well. I wanted some sort of directional print to emphasize the interesting triangular pieces in front.  The fabric choice did that briliantly. Continue reading

McCall’s 6754 peplum top

McCalls6754aSure, I’ve known this peplum thing is a trend. I’ve seen it. I’ve noticed. But I did not think it applied to me for 2 reasons: 1) All peplum tops I’d seen were very dressy tailored tops and not appropriate for my lifestyle 2) I don’t care for highwaisted items. They feel funny and I attempt to pull them down to my belly button. Continue reading

Sweater knit batwing–BurdaStyle 04/2011 #118A

sweaterknitbatwing1If I am truly honest with myself, what I wear on a daily basis is mostly jeans and some sort of knit top. Sometimes those jeans are in different colors or even corduroy, but it is all in a similar family. Likewise, I tend to grab tops that are comfy and cozy for our Pacific Northwest weather. I also work from home, so things can get very casual and stay that way ALL DAY. Sometimes I wear a nice sweater or (on the fanciest, shmanciest of days) a blouse and jacket, but mostly it is a variation on a t-shirt/cardigan theme. Continue reading