Floating Kanerva blouse

IMG_0985And I’m back! Thank you for being patient during the long pause.

I moved just about 5 weeks ago, but have struggled to get back into the sewing room to create because it is simply the last priority! I had to unpack the kitchen, the downstairs, my bedroom, the girl’s bedrooms and of course get my office set up so I can get back to work. It is so selfish of me to put the rest of the family’s needs off because I want to get back behind the machine, isn’t it? I’m sure lots of mothers know what I’m talking about. Continue reading

McCall’s 6711– the blouse!

McCalls 6711 blouseI really like the versatile and comprehensive pattern McCalls 6711. I have made the dress, muslined the jacket, and I like both the skirt and pants. And now I’ve made the blouse (which is just a shortened version of the dress). If it goes on sale I may buy another copy to have on hand!M6711

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