Dressy Nantucket Shorts

Summer Sewing blog tourMy new climate pretty much demands shorts during the summer. I’m not much of a shorts girl, though. So I’m trying some new styles and trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I want my shorts to look a little more put together, but still be comfortable in the heat. They must go with my fancy shoes!

Seamwork Nantucket ShortsFor the shorts and capris blog tour I tried out the Nantucket shorts from Seamwork Magazine. Without the grommets and drawstring, it is a very simple and quick pattern with nice lines.

Seamwork Nantucket shorts grayTo make them dressier I picked out this smooth gray mystery fabric from my stash. It has nice drape but is still substantial enough to cover my bum. I think this pattern looks best in a less structured fabric, so they hang nicely.

Colette Seamwork patterns nantucketI made the size recommended by my hip measurement, and I find the fit to be roomy around my hips – I will go down a size next time. My serious concern about the sizing is the very low rise and the very short back curve. I don’t have much back there, but if you do, these shorts won’t cover all of it. My suggested alterations are to raise the front rise an inch or so and the back rise an inch and a half to 2 inches. I might scoop the back curve out a tiny bit more, also.

seamwork nantucket sorts dressyThe tulip shape in the front is a cute detail, but again, fabric choice matters so much. If this was made in a more casual fabric, that tulip shape can make it look pretty sporty. In fact, you could wrap your front hem and back hem in bias tape and they would look very sporty indeed. It would be a totally different look!

seamwork patterns nantucket shortsI made a simple elastic casing for this pair, but there are lots of options for different ways to finish the waistband that could elevate the look. I knew this was just a first draft so I didn’t get too fancy.

I made these for this fun blog tour, hoping to get you all in the mood to start some summer sewing! I hope my thoughts have been helpful, and I know my friends on the tour also have some informative reviews to share (and maybe a giveaway, too), so go check them out! Thanks!

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