Oh look, there’s more! Sandpoint Tops, that is.

Not all of my pattern testers have blogs, so I get the exciting exclusive opportunity to show you these lovely ladies here on mine! How fun! Those that do are linked if you’d like to see their other work.

First up we have Suzanne, who was the first tester to finish and post pics for our group to admire. It was the first time I had seen someone else make up my design and it was so exciting!
Alana’s pretty pink one is so vibrant.
Cecellia made hers in a stunning aqua color.
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The possibilities of The Sandpoint Top

If you have not bought The Sandpoint Top, perhaps you are waiting to see the amazing versatility of the pattern? I had the most lovely group of pattern testers ever, and they have given me permission to share their versions so you can better imagine your own (and so you can ooh and ahh over their cute tops!).

The good news is that these 7 are only the portion of my testers who have blogged their creations. I did not require or ask them to blog, but I sure as heck want to show them off! Click through to see how talented all these ladies are. And don’t worry, there are quite a few more great Sandpoint Tops I’ll show you in a later post of pattern testers that either haven’t blogged or don’t have blogs. They did amazing work, too!


First we have Susan, who blogs at knitters-delight.blogspot.com and made 2 printed versions!KnittersDelight4


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