O is for Owl Dress

Owldress1Perhaps you can tell that I let my “pink one” pick out the fabric and buttons for this little dress. She would wear solely pink if she could, and when she dresses herself, she will often come out of her room in a whole rainbow of pink shades, none of which matches. She doesn’t love owls per se, but it was the boldest, brightest pink in my cotton stash so she grabbed it and held it to her chest. Continue reading


Mod Piped Dress

Simplicity1787modpipedThis is my first attempt at piping and I didn’t realize I have a piping foot, my Bernina actually came with one! So I was using my zipper foot and trying to keep the cord close inside the fold. It is not perfect, but I was delighted to make my own piping. What piping freedom! Continue reading

Organza flower yoke plaid dress

S. B&W Plaid dress 1 I love plaid, but my daughter, S, hates it. She says it is “boy-ish.” So, to get her excited about wearing this dress (since she will not wear anything she’s not excited about) I added some details to make it more “girl-ish.” I bought the flowered organza fabric to use as an accent. The yoke was really easy to do since I just stitched around it and left the edges raw. The flowers on the fabric are intentionally shabby chic and fray so that finish ended up being perfect (and easy!). Continue reading