Sophisticated (little) Lady

houndstooth skirtI’m so super pleased with how this ruffled skirt turned out. The pattern is from the Lekala website, which I’ve used a few times and has been fine, but I worried about the lack of directions. Lekala has very bare-bones instructions and so, for my last couple of makes I just ignored them and put the garments together my own way. But in this case, the pattern pieces are not well labeled, so I was worried. I needn’t have stressed. You can lay out all your cut pieces and glance at the diagram to get a sense of which ruffle goes where, and then just put them together in your desired order. Easy, peasy, and it turned out so cute! The houndstooth flannel is soft and easy to work with, too. I’ll be making this pattern several more times for the girls. Continue reading


Useless lace sleeves on Jalie 2921

Jalie 2921 pink jersey1Wow, was this a quick and adorable top! Disclaimer, I am officially the world’s slowest sewer. I hesitate, I unpick, I pin obsessively…I just generally take a long-ass time, but this shirt was a breeze! A single evening of sewing and I wore it the very next day. Like magic! Continue reading