Vogue 8805- Colorblocked fun for The Monthly Stitch

Vogue8805outsideHere is the Monthly Stitch Challenge project finished (and photographed, which is the step that always slows this blog down) at last. I liked this pattern, Vogue 8805, much more than I expected. The fit in the shoulder and the shape of the top panel joining the middle panel is really great. Additionally, it includes adjustable darts—you pick the cup size. A very nice feature for this rather simple pattern. Continue reading

Renfrew knit dress w/leather

renfrewDress1This is what I call easy! A Renfrew T that I extended a few inches to turn into a dress. I’ve seen it done here and here. But then I complicated matters with leather shoulder inserts.

renfrewDress2Upon catching sight of this fabric I instantly imagined a cozy knit dress that I could wear boots with all winter long. But my mind wouldn’t allow me to simply follow a pattern. Oh no! I had to add my own twist– I love a twist!

renfrewdressAMy twist was the shoulder inserts. I had a scrap of embossed fake leather from who knows where that I had been biding my time on. Now was the perfect time to unleash it! But I did have to do a pattern alteration that made me nervous (and excited). I pinned the pattern’s shoulder seams together to draw the new pattern piece  over it and extend down the shoulders. Then I had to modify the existing pattern pieces and, of course, add seam allowances all around. It was especially interesting the shape of the piece of leather I ended up with. Putting the shoulder seam together doesn’t result in a straight line over the shoulder. The shoulder seam is sloped so the pieces come together at an angle. Getting that angle right was the tricky part, or the leather wasn’t going to lay correctly.

renfrewDress3So, my tiny twist took quite a while, but it turned out splendid. It is just the detail to turn this from straightfoward to unique. And those unique design details are one of the main reasons I sew!

I tried to lift my foot off to show off my new shoes, but I almost fell over! That is why I am making that silly face!

I tried to lift my foot up to show off my new shoes, but I almost fell over! Don’t I look surprised?

The Renfrew has a fairly modest (high) neckline, at least on me. So I brought the whole dress shape in to be more body-con. This knit is very forgiving of my figure issues and the curvier shape makes it more edgy. But I promise it is still so comfy to wear! Just a simple knit dress, really.

I’m entering this in Project Sewn Sew-Along! I’m number 45!

Navy and kelly, paired on a Lola

Victory LolaThe Lola dress from Victory Patterns is such a cute, fun pattern! I love this dress. How it looks AND how comfy it is to wear.

It sewed up fast and easy even though my serger and I are having a big disagreement right now. I don’t know what the heck is up with my serger but I can’t stand to look at it right now so I just sewed the whole thing with a slight zig zag on my Bernina. I figure I can go back and finish the seams when I have the patience and skill to get the serger working again. Continue reading

Peacock Chiffon Dress for Project Sewn

peacock dress1For once, I can say that I’m so thrilled with how this turned out. I created this! I felt very Project Runway (except I made it for Project Sewn) while I worked. There was a hard deadline– my little brother’s wedding. I had to fly to Texas for it, so I would be away from my sewing machine (does anyone else get filled with dread when they contemplate that?). I actually sewed the zipper in and slid it off the machine to hop in the car and leave for the airport. I even hand finished the hook and eye while waiting for my flight. And actually, since my flight ended up being VERY delayed, my hook and eye is very well done, if I do say so myself. Continue reading