Capsule Wardrobe Update – Weeks 1 & 2


Hi all! Here is a little update on how my capsule wardrobe experiment is coming along. I’ve learned a lot these past 2 weeks and I’m going to make adjustments to the capsule along the way. Let’s take a look at how things looked on week 1:

Outfits week 1

It was chilly that week, and I mostly wanted to wear pants. Honestly, it has to be pretty warm for me to want to wear a skirt. We do have some cooler days and I walk my daughter to school, so I mostly reach for pants. And on the day we went to Disneyland, I had to dress as warmly as I could since we stayed out so late. I was glad I included knee boots in the wardrobe. Those can warm up any outfit.

My favorite outfit of the week was my ikat jeans, white shirt and gray jacket. This silhouette of slim pants, flowy top and cropped jacket is my favorite to wear. That is my best observation from week 1.

Outfits Week2

And on week 2, my observation really bears out, eh? I wore that gray jacket again, but now that I have my new pink Morris blazer, maybe I’ll give it a rest. It was still chilly, if you can believe it! I guess this is “winter” here in SoCal.

From this week I finally figured out what was bugging me about those leather and ponte pants — the front crotch length! I get extra fabric bunching up there basically anytime I move. HATE IT! So, my first adjustment to the capsule is to get rid of those leather jeggings (I’ll wear them with longer tops that cover that front part. The legs fit really well and they are comfy!) and replace them with my black Jamie jeans.

I also decided that 2 pink tops is silly, so I will swap out my pink Aurora tank with that white T-shirt I have on under my Morris blazer in the pic above. Having 2 white shirts seems like a much wiser plan and I like the shorter length that still goes well under my cropped jackets.

So, those are my deep thoughts on the wardrobe so far!  I’ll be getting my newest Morris blazer up on the blog this week and the tutorial that goes along with it. What do you guys think? Any thoughts on mixing and matching these pieces? I still have 2 tops and another jacket/thingy to add to it, which is fun to plan.