Making a statement with my BurdaStyle Vest

Some garments are just for fun, right? I love these kind of sweeping statement vests, don’t you? I’ve seen them in stores and on fashion bloggers and they are so cool. Perhaps too cool for me, a work-at-home mommy, but too bad! I made one anyway! Continue reading

I made a sweatshirt…sew what?

SewWhatSweatshirt12I love this simple, cozy sweatshirt pattern from BurdaStyle magazine 9/2014 #114. The set-in sleeves are still relaxed, the neckline in wide and easy to wear, but the coolest feature is that the bodice can be cut on the bias in any woven fabric and paired with knit sleeves for a very cool effect. Next time I will use a wool for a sweatery version. Continue reading

Leather up front, comfy party in the back


Deep, dark confession of one of my biggest fashion struggles: I am always cold. The climate here is not friendly to fashion. Furthermore, I work from home, in front of a computer screen all day. I sit there, not moving or generating any body heat, and I get colder and colder and colder. I drink hot water like an old lady to keep warm.

So, on a daily basis I struggle with the pull to wear clothes that I love and made with my own 2 hands, and staying cozy in my jammies all day until shortly before I retrieve my girls from the bus stop.

I think these leather and knit “jeggings” fill a gap. They are warm, stretchy, comfortable, but I still feel great and stylish in them. Continue reading