Little move and big changes…


I know that I should have done this a long time ago, but I have finally set up my blog up on a self-hosted site. For you, this means my blog address is now It used to be So confusing! My old site will redirect y’all for an entire year, though, so don’t fret.

On the new website I will be able to do lots of new cool things, the most important of which is sell my patterns! I also want to create a gallery for my customers to show off their work. That is going to be rad! I am so excited to see everyone’s interpretations and beautiful, unique selves in my designs.

Anyway, change over your bookmarks so you don’t miss any of the exciting developments around here and I promise to keep you posted on all of it!

Oh Bomblulu! My Franken-Indie Swimsuit

FrankenIndie1Here is my Franken-Indie! I’ve been excited about this contest as soon as it was announced. I still waited until the last minute to finish it, though…


I snapped up the Pattern Parcel this time, and it included the much admired Closet Case Files Bombshell swimsuit pattern. All the views are cute, and I have seen countless adorable and flattering versions all over the internet, but I was especially excited to see a bikini bottom option. I prefer 2 piece swimsuits actually.

FrankenIndie4 Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s to me! The Liebster Award

20140428-101225Thanks to Jen from My Sewing Suite, I got nominated for this little award that helps promote new blogs. That is so super nice! Then, before I could get my act together and write up this post, the sweetie over at Dressing The Role also nominated me! That means it took longer to write this post than is excusable, but I enjoyed it so much and I really appreciate the nominations! Continue reading

MMM Week 2 – Sunny days made it easy!

Thank goodness we have been blessed with such glorious weather around here! The truth is, I was (and am) worried about what me mades will actually be able to keep me warm when the weather turns back to its regularly scheduled drizzle. But that, my friends, is a worry for another day!


Did my hair fancy style, too.

Friday was chilly, but I had my cozy sweater dress on, so no problem. Continue reading

April Sewing Stats- How much time do you spend in your sewing lair?

Hi there! Have you ever wondered how much and when do other seamstresses get their sew on? I know I do! Am I just terribly nosy? Perhaps. But in the interest of science and blog fun, I decided to track my sewing for the month of April to see how much and on what projects do I spend my free time. Isn’t everyone’s free time spent sewing?

April Sewing TotalsTurns out, I spent 46 and a half hours sewing in April! Holy Cow! That is highly unusual, I suspect, but I will need more data to determine (I might as well just keep this experiment up for a few months. I, at least, found it fascinating). A big factor in all that free time was my paid work was slow. I am a content coordinator for a website, and sometimes there are lots of updates and changes, and sometimes there isn’t. That works great for me, I like things flexible, and I work from home. So, lucky me, I had lots of extra time this month to spend in my favorite room of the house!

Maybe this had something to do with my productivity last month?

Maybe this had something to do with my productivity last month?

Another factor in April was my excitement over 2 big projects– my Ikat jacket and making my first pair of jeans. Both of these were so fun I couldn’t tear myself away! I also made a full muslin of the jacket that took 10 hours (while stopping frequently to watch the Craftsy class Sew Better, Sew Faster) and I muslined the jeans, also. The actual jeans are not even finished yet, but in the end, I hope to have a great pair of black jeans I can wear with everything and a Tried and True pattern so I can make every color and crazy pattern of jeans imaginable. I live in jeans 9 days out of 10, so making my own pairs would be a game changer for me!

The Cascade skirt is finished and you get a sneak peek of it in my MMM Week 1 round up. It will be fun to style up and take pictures of for the blog, but I don’t think I’ll have much to say on the construction. Only 2 hours from start to finish. It sure was a nice easy skirt after these giant monster projects I have taken on lately.

I noticed that I would spend about an hour a day sewing, skipping some days, but then spending a good chunk of time on Sunday getting deep into it. Does everyone in your family call it “Sew Sunday” also? That’s a thing, right?

I would love to know how much time others spend sewing, how long projects take them, and how they fit it all into their busy lives. I guess I’ll just admit I’m nosy. There, I said it.

MMM Week 1: Not as easy as I thought!

The start of my exciting inaugural Me Made May has been littered with stumbling blocks. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Yay! The first day of May was a scorcher here in Seattle, with temps in the 80s (unheard of and very welcome!). I was happy to throw on my plaid miniskirt and chiffon blouse. Problem #1: I took this photo directly after my nap and put my blouse back on inside out. I didn’t notice until I was at the mall, surrounded by people. I could not get to a bathroom stall fast enough! Continue reading

The Plan for Gearing Up for MMM 2014

Here are the details of my Gear Up for MMM project:

I’ll start with the pattered fabrics.


mission-maxi-cover_1024x1024This colorful chevron is very large scale knit that I plan to make a maxi dress out of. I’m thinking something very simple like the Mission Maxi wouldn’t break up the print, but I’m hesistant because of the $15 price tag. I know It would look equally good as a loose, batwing top or tunic, but a summer maxi dress fits my vision of an easy and stylish summer piece and I’ll probably wear it a lot.


airelle_225I love this navy, beige, and white swirl and it is a cotton silk blend and so light and airy! It could be a Deer and Doe Arielle blouse or perhaps the Colette Jasmine blouse. I don’t need too many details with such a busy print, and I don’t want to put buttons on such a lightweight fabric. It is so lovely and soft and will be perfect for spring and summer.

aqua floral chiffonI found this floral chiffon at value village and it will make a great Kimono sleeve dress. I think Salme patterns has one that’s simple, or maybe I could just draft my own. Using the word “draft” sure sounds official, but I think it would be fairly easy. I do know I would have to French seam and finish all those chiffon edges.. Still, I like the colors! And it was only $4.

navy floral slinkyThis Navy blue floral is a somewhat slinky knit. I have a top that I bought at Nordstrom that’s a slinky mauve knit cut like a sweatshirt and it’s one of my favorite tops. It’s easy to wear and comfortable but the slinky fabric makes it kind of special and still chic. I’m going to make the sleeves out of the plain blue, I’ve seen this done a lot in ready-to-wear and I think too much of this floral pattern would be too much. Just too much. I have a basic sweatshirt pattern from the book Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin.

navyIkatAnd then I found this bottom weight white and navy blue ikat fabric and squealed with delight! I plan on making pants and a jacket (but not to wear together, I promise!) I think pants out of this pattern will go with almost everything else I plan on making, and a jacket will also look great in this pattern. I’m so excited about this fabric. Boy am I a dork.  It actually has quite a bit of stretch so making skinny jeans out of it should be successful. I say this with great trepidation because I have never made pants before. But I am ready to tackle pants, especially since I wear them so much, and I love the Named Jamie jeans pattern.

grayhoundstoothI wanted to add some textures, not just prints (even though they are fun and addicting). This wool is houndstooth pattern, but it really acts more like a texture because it’s in such neutral colors and it is nubbly. Is it boucle? It is loosely woven and ravelly as hell. I am making a simple skirt with this and I think it will pair well with the other things I have planned, but it’s still a great piece on its own. I would buy it in a store.

tweedMossSkirtI also have a little bit of this blue tweed I also found a Value Village. I think I have enough to make a Moss miniskirt but I haven’t laid the pattern out yet so it remains to be seen. I hope so. Though it just now occurred to me that I don’t know how to line a Moss miniskirt. Should I skip a lining… but I might regret that in the summer. Tweed can get itchy and hot. I have to think more about that.

graycorsetM6325This gray looks textured but it’s actually quite soft. I loved Crab and Bee’s version of this corset- like top, McCalls 6325. I really liked how it could go under jackets or sweaters or still be worn on its own. Layer, layer, layer is my motto! And I think it will be a fun fitting challenge. But bust cups! Eek!

knitsSolids: I have these 2 very lightweight knits, one in gray and one in mustard. I think I’ll make a color blocked T-shirt. Something simple and probably not very fitted. Maybe a Hemlock Tee? Plantain T?

royal blue rayonThis blue rayon has a tiny bit of sheen to it. It is nice and silky but still substantial. I want a button down top with button pockets and tabs on the sleeves. Classic.

pinkcrossI picked up this strange polyester pink and black pattern stuff just for fun. I don’t have a lot of it, so I was thinking I jacket but with contrast sleeves in black? I don’t know how it works into my wardrobe plan, but it was just so cool I had to have it.

I also want some pink denim for pants or jeans, and I’m having a little trouble finding some. A pink jacket would be great too, but again, not to wear together! It would be a good contrast with all the blue. And I think it is pretty obvious that a white jacket is going to be necessary. A white jacket would basically change the whole look of each outfit. Oh man, did I just add another piece to my plan?

Comment with a link to your spring/summer wardrobe plan and I’ll list them on my Gear Up for MMM’14 page and we can delight in the fun of a wardrobe full of Me Mades!

Vote on my next project for The Monthly Stitch

Since I have sewing ADD, I had no problem picking 3 unused patterns that I want to tackle in March. Help me decide on which one!

Contender #1 Colette Peony in brown plaid

colette peonyIMG_5020









Contender #2 Vogue 8805 in gray, navy and green


Contender #3 – BurdaStyle Checked Cape 08/2011 #112 in brown tweed (score from Value Village!)

112_burda cape









New Presidio Purse from Seamstress Erin

Lucky me! I got to pattern test for Seamstress Erin’s brand new purse pattern last month and now I get to share.presidioPurse1

This big, roomy beauty is the Presidio Purse. Check it out! It has a unique shape, a wide handle that connects with rectangular D rings, an internal zipper and separated pocket, and best of all, it is very large. Large and in charge!  Continue reading

G is for Giant Bow

gisforgiantbow1I love classic girl’s clothes. The kind you might have seen on a little French girl at any time over the past 60 years. Madeline-esque.

This skirt is a baby blue herringbone tweed that I made much more feminine by making it into a circle skirt- except I miscalculated and didn’t buy enough yardage for a full circle skirt. I was designing this skirt in my head after I found the fabric and I didn’t have time to think it through correctly when my number was called at the cutting counter. I would not be able to compete under the pressure of Project Runway, that’s for sure! When they show the scenes at Mood where they are rushing around looking for fabric I start sweating for them. Sheesh.Gisforgiantbow3

So it is half a circle and another wedge I eeked out of the fabric I had. It still has the twirly effect I was going for. I added piping in between each panel- I mean, why not? The piping is made from a sheet I cut into bias strips and made myself.IMG_2005

The Swiss dot cotton shirt is a simple raglan sleeve peasant blouse, for which there are a million patterns. I think mine was actually a costume pattern! I just gathered the neck and armholes, but I wasn’t happy with that. It hung very triangularly off my skinny girl’s shoulders. So I added elastic gathers to the sides at the hemline, just 4 inches per side, and that changed the shape enough but didn’t turn the top into a big bubble. That wouldn’t have looked right with the skirt.

I couldn’t resist adding a little decorative stitch to the neckline of that plain white blouse. My Brother machine has a million of those stitches and I can never think of any uses for them!

Gisforgiantbow2And, of course, a giant polka dot bow. It is quilting cotton so it will hold its shape. And it is removable for washings! The cotton would wrinkle like the devil if I put that bow in the wash, so I just safety-pinned it on. Easy Peasy. I did that with the flowers on her Mod Piped Dress, too.