Wild cherries on my sweet girl

Shwin and shwin maggie mae 1And now it is time for Kid’s Clothes Week! Yes, I am in the middle of my wardrobe project, but I do love to sew for my girls and I love the inspiration I get during this special week.

The theme is “wild things” and I snapped this cherry challis up at the SewExpo Vogue fabric booth a couple of years ago. I started a Colette Sencha blouse, got it almost completed with french seams and perfect finishes, then decided I hated it. The neck was too high and the release darts were not flattering. It happens like that sometimes. Maybe I should try it on again and see if I still hate it (2 years later)? Maybe you’ll see it soon on the blog!  Never say never.

IMG_9740But I had a little bit of this fabric left over and I still really liked the way the girlish cherries were balanced by the black background. Paired with this REALLY lovely pink stretch satin, it became a Maggie Mae tunic by Shwin and Shwin. Continue reading

A pair of bows on their backs

IMG_8959I know that my girls are probably getting tired of dressing alike. But this pattern was just so cute that I wanted to make it twice! And since I have 2 girls, and both of them love to wear cozy sweatshirts, it seamed perfect to me.

As part of my pattern designer’s group, I got the opportunity to take part in a pattern swap. I love the idea of the swap, because we get someone to interpret our pattern. You must go see what Anne did with my pattern! She totally changed it up. http://www.sofilantjes.com/uncategorized/shirt-turns-dress/. And we also get to try out a fellow designer’s pattern for fun. It is a win-win. Continue reading

Dive into the Cosi Swimsuit Blog Tour!

Cosi Swimsuit3 copyI’m thrilled to be part of the Cosi Swimsuit tour for Suz of SewPony.

There are going to be 20 bloggers on this tour because this swimsuit pattern has endless possibilities! There are no less than 7 views included with this baby! That is a lot of options.

I could only make 3 views my little old self, but I am confident after seeing everyone else’s interpretations I am going to need to make more. Oh dear!Cosi Swimsuit6

My favorite part of the Cosi Swimsuit is the panel options, giving me the opportunity to mix different fabrics, which is one of my favorite things to do. Evidence here, here, here, and here. Continue reading

Sophisticated (little) Lady

houndstooth skirtI’m so super pleased with how this ruffled skirt turned out. The pattern is from the Lekala website, which I’ve used a few times and has been fine, but I worried about the lack of directions. Lekala has very bare-bones instructions and so, for my last couple of makes I just ignored them and put the garments together my own way. But in this case, the pattern pieces are not well labeled, so I was worried. I needn’t have stressed. You can lay out all your cut pieces and glance at the diagram to get a sense of which ruffle goes where, and then just put them together in your desired order. Easy, peasy, and it turned out so cute! The houndstooth flannel is soft and easy to work with, too. I’ll be making this pattern several more times for the girls. Continue reading

O is for Owl Dress

Owldress1Perhaps you can tell that I let my “pink one” pick out the fabric and buttons for this little dress. She would wear solely pink if she could, and when she dresses herself, she will often come out of her room in a whole rainbow of pink shades, none of which matches. She doesn’t love owls per se, but it was the boldest, brightest pink in my cotton stash so she grabbed it and held it to her chest. Continue reading

K is for Knit Kardigans

cardigan3The letter “K” really filled a whole in my daughter’s wardrobe. She only wears dresses and skirts, but it is cold and dark so much of the time here in Seattle (hence the name of this blog) so she needs another layer. Well, sweatshirts are not acceptable to her fancy-style tastes. I have bought them, and she has poo-poo’d them. But cardigans are just fancy enough. Phew! Continue reading

G is for Giant Bow

gisforgiantbow1I love classic girl’s clothes. The kind you might have seen on a little French girl at any time over the past 60 years. Madeline-esque.

This skirt is a baby blue herringbone tweed that I made much more feminine by making it into a circle skirt- except I miscalculated and didn’t buy enough yardage for a full circle skirt. I was designing this skirt in my head after I found the fabric and I didn’t have time to think it through correctly when my number was called at the cutting counter. I would not be able to compete under the pressure of Project Runway, that’s for sure! When they show the scenes at Mood where they are rushing around looking for fabric I start sweating for them. Sheesh.Gisforgiantbow3

So it is half a circle and another wedge I eeked out of the fabric I had. It still has the twirly effect I was going for. I added piping in between each panel- I mean, why not? The piping is made from a sheet I cut into bias strips and made myself.IMG_2005

The Swiss dot cotton shirt is a simple raglan sleeve peasant blouse, for which there are a million patterns. I think mine was actually a costume pattern! I just gathered the neck and armholes, but I wasn’t happy with that. It hung very triangularly off my skinny girl’s shoulders. So I added elastic gathers to the sides at the hemline, just 4 inches per side, and that changed the shape enough but didn’t turn the top into a big bubble. That wouldn’t have looked right with the skirt.

I couldn’t resist adding a little decorative stitch to the neckline of that plain white blouse. My Brother machine has a million of those stitches and I can never think of any uses for them!

Gisforgiantbow2And, of course, a giant polka dot bow. It is quilting cotton so it will hold its shape. And it is removable for washings! The cotton would wrinkle like the devil if I put that bow in the wash, so I just safety-pinned it on. Easy Peasy. I did that with the flowers on her Mod Piped Dress, too.