Warm and Snuggly in my COPPÉLIA Cardi

Coppelia cardiganRecently I purchased a pair of high-waisted jeans. Oh how I love that they suck my tummy in and I don’t have to continuously hike them up! I have been loving them so much I thought it would be great to have more tops to wear with them. The Papercut Coppelia Cardigan has been on my to-sew list for quite a while, and I decided now is the time. This silhouette is so flattering!

papercut coppelia backI never took ballet lessons, but as soon as possible I put both my daughters in dance and loved dressing them up in pink leotards, chiffon skirts and ballet wrap sweaters. This is my chance to wear that look, but, you know, appropriate for someone over the age of 10 (that’s when my oldest decided no more dance, a day that broke my heart).

papercut coppelia necklineI made a muslin of this pattern because I knew it was going to be essential to get the shoulder and neckline to fit perfectly so I could avoid gaping in the front. It is already rather low cut, so it needs to be secure. I am very glad I took that extra step because there was quite a bit of necessary adjustments. I’m not sure how much of it had to do with my small upper bodice or forward shoulders, but I ended up taking nearly an inch from the front shoulder/bodice seam, angling from the neckline and just making that front raglan curve much more exaggerated.

Papercut Coppelia sleeve detailI also did a little skimming off the sleeves to make them slimmer, but that is a usual adjustment for me. You don’t want to take too much off because the sleeves have a cool shape to preserve.

cappelia wrap cardiganI thought I could get away with shorter ties than the pattern calls for. I wanted to knot it to one side and I didn’t want too much excess flopping around and getting in the way. It turns out I needed all the tie and I had to really scramble to attach more tie in a clean manner. That was stupid of me. So I have edgestitching all the way down both ties so I could close my tube up, and that is not called for in the instructions. It didn’t end up looking too bad.

IMG_4299 (2)My fabric is a sweatshirt type with the softest nap inside and quite a bit of stretch. I don’t think you need much stretch for this pattern, because you do want it to stay secure at the neckline. You really don’t want it to stretch out of shape and fail to bounce back. I am too paranoid to wear this without a cami underneath, which is tragic since my fabric feels like an angel’s kiss and I want to snuggle right up against it. But I did notice some shifting when I wore it and I know I’d be fearfully glancing down at my chest all day if I didn’t have cami insurance.

papercut coppelia cardigan frontI wore this and took the pictures on the last gloomy day we will experience for a while, so I will have to look forward to wearing it next fall. Now it is on to making summer dresses and lots and lots of swimsuits for our new pool!

14 thoughts on “Warm and Snuggly in my COPPÉLIA Cardi

  1. It’s so cute–the raglan sleeves combined with the wrap style is a great look. Papercut caught my eye with their new collection—those Otsu jeans with all the cool seams are on my wishlist for sure!

  2. I recently made this pattern in a thicker, less stretchy knit and looking at your version, I’ll have to use a thinner knit next time because yours looks much better! My fabric wasn’t even that thick but with all the ties and layers at the bottom the top looks quite bulky.

    • I was wondering about that…I could imagine that is a hazard. I had to aggressively grade all my seam allowances, especially in those ties and around the binding. I agree that fabric choice is key!

  3. Love it! You look fantastic and it’s very flattering. I enjoyed reading about the adjustments you made as well; I’ve been having issues with getting tops to fit so that was very helpful 🙂

    • Oh good, glad that was helpful! I wasn’t sure if I was being clear enough about the specifics. I hate making muslins, but when I do I always get a better fitting garment and I’m so proud of myself. Haha!

    • I should have got a pic of the fuzzy inside to illustrate. I have been saving this fabric for years because it is so cozy and I wanted just the right pattern.

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