A serious black Anza jumpsuit

I’m a jumpsuit convert at this point. I feel so put together in this outfit. And with the addition of gold buttons I feel like it is accessorized already, too. It doesn’t get easier than that in the morning!Itch to Stitch jumpsuit

I don’t do many pattern tests, but when I saw this request from Kennis I really wanted to try it. The Itch to Stitch Anza Jumpsuit is such a unique pattern and has so many great details. I love the gusseted pockets and will use that pocket pattern piece again on other projects. It is very cleverly finished with a lining and really came out well. I also like the rounded V neckline. If I made it again I would make the V a little deeper on me, but I really love the shape of the facing and how it is stitched down to create a lovely detail.

The sleeves are cut onto the bodice with cuffs added. No setting in sleeves and it has a nice shape. The bodice fit is easy and Kennis includes cup sizes so I didn’t even bother making a muslin.

Anza jumpsuit side viewMy least favorite detail is the elastic gathered ankles. I made the pattern as written because it was a test and it does look cute, but I have already cut that part off and just hemmed them traditionally. I don’t have pics of my modification to share yet but I’ll post one to Instagram next time I wear it.

Itch to stitch jumpsuit backThere is both elastic and a drawstring at the waist seam. I could not get my drawstring through my buttonholes, so I had to give up on that detail, but I prefer wearing a belt anyway. My drawstring was self fabric and I picked a pretty sturdy poly suiting type fabric. I find fabric selections for jumpsuits to be problematic. I would never want to wear a very fitted jumpsuit, so a lighter weight fabric with drape is preferable. But I also don’t just want a thin, flimsy covering on my bum, right? I want some coverage. I think this turned out very well, but it is quite warm since it is mid-weight. I’m still debating how to address this problem in my next jumpsuit, since I seem to be addicted.

Anza placket detailThe instructions for this pattern are amazing. So thorough and easy to follow! It really is a joy to put together. Fitting is easy – my main tip for fitting jumpsuits is to cut both the top and bottom longer at the waist seam so you can try it on and determine where is the best place to join them and create the waist. That makes all the difference!

IMG_4266 (2)You can also make a dress version of this pattern that still has many of the great details like the sleeves, pockets and placket. I am very tempted to do that, but I’m not sure when since I am such a pattern magpie. So many patterns, so little time! But this one turned out really great and I have never failed to garner a compliment while wearing it. I look very smug in the picture below, don’t I? I was squinty without my sunglasses there.

Anza jumpsuit side

8 thoughts on “A serious black Anza jumpsuit

  1. Wow, this is definitely a winner! The gold buttons make it dressy and stylish. I’m such a separates girl, I’ve shied away from jump suits, but yours is making me rethink that strategy. The pockets sound intriguing too.

  2. Well, it’s a great jumpsuit, and you look super-chic and pretty in it! :Like you, I’m not usually a fan of elasticized ankles in pants or jumpsuits, but I was thinking that I really liked them on this one, and then you go and cut them off! :LOL! I’m sure it still looks adorable. I love the gold buttons, too.

    • Haha! It was fun for the photoshoot, but day to day I don’t want to always have to wear heels, and if you don’t wear fancy shoes with those kind of pants it can look weird, I think. It is still cute with a regular hem, I promise!

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