Black, white and neon S1072 sweatshirt

I did a little scrapbusting! I get one million points for this, since I have soooooo much fabric in my stash and I want to sew with all of them immediately. But I did get to use this super fun neon athletic knit I picked up at the Swap Meet, so I got to try a new and use up the old. I’m feeling very saintly!

I have a couple RTW sweatshirts I wear quite often. They both have unique details and they are made from drapey, lightweight knit that make them relaxed but show a bit of shape and oh so comfortable. After rolling my eyes at myself wearing them again and again, it was time to figure out why I love them so and try making more.

S1072BackThis is Simplicity 1072, a cute sweatshirt and knit pencil skirt pattern. The neon knit is cool and very thin, and I paired it with the leftover crepe from my Trapeze Dress. I had to line the crepe for modesty, so I used the softest white jersey knit, making this so comfortable!

S1072NecklinePutting those 2 very different fabrics together was not without challenges, though. Actually, working with that very fine, smooth neon knit was just challenging all around. My neckline is so sad, all floppy and twisty, even though I picked out my first try and did it over. Yes, the first try was even worse!

S1072SweatshirtI think the cool seamlines on the side of this basic sweatshirt pattern make fabric pairing so fun. You can really see how the neon color frames the black and white print and I love the effect. I did go down a size because I knew the ease would be huge, but I also wish I had shortened the sleeves – they are quite long! I will almost always be pushing them up, but it is something to note. My new true love is 3/4 sleeves, which you will see examples of in my next 3 finished tops. I LOVE CALIFORNIA, land of short (or no!) sleeves!

Simplicity1072DIY sweatshirtLast week I also made a muslin of a real underwire bra. Yep, I’m jumping on the bandwagon! I hope to have something lacy to share soon. It is fun so far, and fairly quick, too.

6 thoughts on “Black, white and neon S1072 sweatshirt

  1. I love this outfit on you. The style is excellent for you, just the right proportions for your attractive figure. I have followed your blog, I think, since you started and I have seen a great improvement in your sewing techniques. From the outside look your sewing and pressing has become more professional. Did you also make the skirt? It is hard to make a white skirt so it doesn’t show everything underneath. Keep improving, you are encouraging many other sewists.

    • Your kind words really mean a lot to me, thank you so much! I did make the skirt, and the front is crossed over, so it is self lined. The back I lined with a nude tricot-ish lining and I think it helps to hide lumps.

    • It was a surprise to me when I saw them together and just fell in love with the combo. Everyone loves a sweatshirt style, but it is fun to dress it up with a skirt sometimes. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  2. I love the mix of fabrics and colors in this project! Challenging as it was, I’d say this was so worth the effort!

    • Thank you! It did turn out well, but it was just one of those projects I thought I would whip up in an afternoon. After all, it is just a sweatshirt with one extra seam. So it threw me for a loop when I struggled. Haha!

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