Swinging watercolor plaid S8132

Simplicity dress 8132Back in the blogging saddle I go! I took quite a break there.

I just love wearing this dress – Simplicity 8132! It is swishy and cool and I feel great in it, but I am super comfortable, too. Trapeze dresses are fantastic!

Simplicity 8132 dress lengthThe fabric is a crepey rayon-y something I got treasure hunting at the National City Swap Meet. It is a bit transparent, so the dress is lined, making it extra comfortable. I cut my dress pieces and lining pieces, sewed the center front, back and side seams of each separately, then basted them together at the neckline.

Simplicity 8132 leather detailAfter I sewed the center fronts together I was horrified to realize that I should have treated the pattern as a plaid. Those stripes did not match up at all! So I made a plan to distract from the error by adding a bit of leather to the front neckline. Did it work? Were you fooled?

Even if you weren’t, it ended up being my favorite part. So I’m grateful for the error that got my creative juices flowing!

S8132 armholesAfter the dress and lining were basted together, I joined them with a stretchy binding for the neckline, straps and armholes. I thought stretchy would be easier to apply (like bias tape), but it was too stretchy and I got a few wrinkles. Turns out bias tape is perfect; no more and no less stretch.

Simplicity 8132 back viewThe dress is designed to be very low in back to show off the included sports bra, but I’m just wearing a tank top underneath. I do want to use the sports bra pattern, though. It would be cute and fun to make more of these dresses and pair them up with stretchy bra tops. In fact, I have almost completed another one of this pattern for my 12 year old daughter. It is a rare thing that she likes something I make for myself so much she wants one for herself, so I had to oblige. I will take photos of her to share soon!

Simplicity 8132 front slit with lining

My lining is just a little longer than the front opening, but oh well. It is such a full skirt that I suspect no one will ever notice. I should note that I didn’t have enough fabric to lengthen the pattern like I normally do, so it is ankle skimming on me at 5’9″. I know that is not typical maxi length, but I did wear this dress to Disneyland and the skirt did not get in my way like I worried it might. Ankle length is actually a very practical length, especially if you want to wear flats.

Simplicity 8132 dress pattern

Yes, these photos were taken months ago. I will try not to let 5 months go by without another post, since I do have many finished projects to share!

12 thoughts on “Swinging watercolor plaid S8132

    • It is such a weird nitpicky sewist thing to notice, but once I saw it I couldn’t stop seeing it. My brain is weird.

    • Thank you!. Sometimes the pattern samples really confound me with their fabric choice. Since it is such a big dress, it seems like more understated fabric is better than those primary colors they often use.

  1. I love your trapeze dress; one of my all time favorite styles to sew and wear! You look so warm and summery in it. I envy your weather as it’s still pretty rainy and cold in oregon! Beautiful fabric too, what a find!

    • Trapeze dresses forever! Full disclosure: I took these photos last September, but I could’ve taken them this week since the sun was out again. I’m sure now is a perfect time for Oregonians to come visit Southern California for a bit of sun.

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