Sew Over it Poppy Playsuit at the beach

poppy-playsuit-patternIt is a rare treat for me to buy myself a sewing magazine. I adore Burda magazines and consider them a great investment since they include so many patterns, and when the styles come from Europe I feel like they are a little ahead of the fashion trends and my slow sewing ends up right on time. I don’t usually buy any other magazines, though. But one day, in a moment of frivolity, I bought the magazine Simply Sewing while at Barnes and Noble. I liked how it had a envelope pattern included (not the difficult tracing of Burda) and I had heard a few bloggers mention it and even that they were included. That warmed my heart to hear that so many talented seamstresses that don’t necessarily put themselves out there to publish traditionally got some attention in a current magazine. Good for them!

poppy-romper-pattern-backIt was a fun read, I quite enjoyed it. I don’t think it offers the wealth of evergreen content that some other magazines offer, but I loved hearing about The Great British Sewing Bee, seeing new patterns and fabrics featured, and the little projects are cute. This issue, issue 16, has a tutorial for little pyramid bookends that looks like a fun craft project. And I liked the article on stitching leather. It ended up being about $13 though, so it will be only an occasional treat.

sew-over-it-romper-front-topAnd on to the Sew Over It Poppy Playsuit. Yes, it is a quick, easy sew. The instructions are very nicely done, very beginner friendly. I think anyone could put this pattern together. The fit is loose and forgiving, too. But in general, jumpsuits and rompers have a lot of different areas to give attention to, so addressing all those fit areas in one garment can be daunting. This is a great place to start, though, so I’m not trying to warn anyone away!

poppy-playsuit-romper-pattern-shortsMy poly rayon mystery fabric was a nice lightweight but opaque choice. Another important decision, as with all sewing projects, really, is fabric choice. All in one garments are tricky because I usually would pick one weight for a blouse and a totally different weight for pants or shorts. But a jumpsuit requires the same fabric, and it can be tricky. In my last romper I decided my fabric was too lightweight for the bottom half and ended up lining those shorts. In this case, the fabric was dark enough and opaque enough to cover my lower half. You know what I mean?


My belt is slipping down!

My biggest struggle with this romper was simply the proportions of top vs. bottom. I’m tall, so I cut both my top and my bottom long. I knew I wouldn’t need all that length when I joined them, but I wanted to be able to play with where that waist seam sits on me. I noticed that the sample looked a little long in the crotch (sorry about that word) length. I don’t want to emphasize the length from my crotch to my waist, and with the shorts at a modest length it would not help my legs look longer like it does in full length pants. So I took a long time trying them on and pinning. I ended up moving the waist seam down a couple inches and then shortening the shorts a bit also. It is a playsuit after all! I think I also shortened the sleeves, and ditched the cuffs. I don’t have hard numbers because I just tried it on and pinned it. I wish I had made the alterations to my pattern pieces for the future. Oops.

poppy-playsuit-button-backI like wearing it, but only got a chance to do so a couple times before the end of summer. It will be interesting to see if I pull it out with eagerness next year or not. What do you guys think?

Main points:

  • Very simple pattern with thorough directions. Only took a few hours to make.
  • Getting the top to bottom proportions right for your body could be the biggest fit issue, since there is generous ease.
  • Simple Sewing Magazine is a fun read – I do wish it wasn’t so expensive here in the U.S.

6 thoughts on “Sew Over it Poppy Playsuit at the beach

  1. Absolutely love your playsuit. The style is so great on you, and your struggles with fit paid off! I am going to have to check out that magazine. I love Burda-Style too, but I’m ‘tracing challenged’. It takes me forever! On my way to Barnes and Noble now…..

  2. It is fun to read the articles over coffee and not looking at a screen, which I feel like I’m always doing! Thank you for the compliment!

  3. Very cute! I love to treat myself to Threads magazines occasionally and I’ve noticed this one and wondered if it was any good so thanks for mentioning it! Beautiful beach photos!

  4. Your play suit looks lovely, and worth the effort of playing with the top and bottom separately to get it in proportion, it looks perfect. The next one (if there is one) will be a really quick make. 🙂

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