Style Maker Fabrics for Fall! Papercut Saiph and Simplicity 8174

saiph-tunic-1At least I am ready for fall, even if the weather here in Southern California is not cooperating. It is supposed to be 100 today. I guess no one told Murrieta that it is now autumn.

saiph-dress-back-viewBut it turns out that my newest true love, Japanese double gauze, is fine for warmer temperatures, too. It is light and breezy and I whipped this gorgeous geometric floral into a Papercut Saiph tunic that I can wear now and later.

papercut-saiph-4I wasn’t sure what to expect when Style Maker Fabrics offered to send me some, but I had heard such glowing reviews that I had to try. So I received my package, wrapped nicely in tissue paper, and I was decidedly unimpressed with the fabric. It felt like a textured quilting cotton. I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. But after my pre-wash this fabric came out  of the dryer like the wings of an angel! It is so soft, with light loft and total opacity. It cuts, sews and presses so well and was a joy to work with. Thank you, Style Maker Fabrics – I am so glad I tried it! I feel like Sam I Am and I now want to sew double gauze in a box with a fox, on a boat with a goat…

saiph-tunic-2I have been thinking about a nice easy tunic shape and the Saiph did not disappoint. I was a bit flummoxed by the dart placement – they are really high! But I like the shoulders and the sleeves and I just moved that dart. I’ll move it down more next time. I also chopped off the sleeves a little bit -no need for full length sleeves here. I added a total of 3 inches to the bodice and skirt combined to make it a wearable dress on me.

saiph-dress-4But wait, there’s more!

A vest is such a great trendy fall piece, and perfect for my climate, right? Well, I meant to whip up a nice easy vest to top my outfit off, but instead I ended up making the most detailed moto jacket I’ve ever made, since I am a moto jacket addict. Whew! I had to squeeze it in between rounds of the PR Sewing Bee, but I just couldn’t resist when I pulled this fabric out of the box. The olive green faux suede has such a lovely hand and structure; it was begging to be a moto jacket.

saiph-with-jacketI used the Mimi G for Simplicity pattern 8174. Isn’t it a cool pattern with such fun details? I love the back vent and the little tabs on the shoulders and waistband! The gold buttons and green suede just say fall and really balance out the simple dress.

simpllcity-8174The suede is not the easiest fabric to work with, since I had to topstitch down my seam allowance on both sides of every seam. But what I realized is that it really responded to steam, so I was able to shape it around the shoulders. I am debating whether to topstitch the fronts, they still look a little fluffy, but I wonder if it will smooth out with wear? I only just finished the jacket and bagged out the lining last night. Despite the extra work of using the suede, the gorgeous texture and color create such a showstopper! I am so pleased with it!

moto-jacket-with-saiph-tunicI will provide a thorough review of the pattern and Mimi G’s video tutorial and show off all the details of this gorgeous jacket in an upcoming post. It is an interesting sew and I already have plans for another one. Do I need more jackets? No! But I love them, okay?

saiph-tunic-with-motoSo here is my vision of Fall 2016 with Style Maker Fabrics! Beautiful fabrics with texture and rich color. Mixing a simple dress with a military detailed jacket and boots. And, of course, sweating in the sun for these pictures and hoping for temperatures below 80 by October!

colors-that-make-the-season-851x280There are more stops on this parade of fun fabrics with a fall theme. Did you see Erika’s outfit yesterday? And tomorrow Kelli will show us her creation!

Thanks to Style Maker Fabrics for the complimentary fabric! They were lovely to work with and I was so pleased to try out their gorgeous fabrics.


24 thoughts on “Style Maker Fabrics for Fall! Papercut Saiph and Simplicity 8174

  1. You mentioned you are in Murrieta, that’s where I grew up. My parents still live off of Clinton Keith. Very nice place to live!

  2. Great outfit,ba showstopper for sure,! I have the Mimi g jacket pattern on my Fall must have list, your version is perfect and makes me want to give suede a try!

    • Thank you. I really like the pattern and plan to make more. I’ll show you the back in another post. The suede was thick, but still manageable. I know would make something cute out of it!

  3. Oh, these are such incredible pieces, beautiful together or on their own. Let’s talk jacket patterns, my twin, I almost used that one on my suede but went with another Mimi G pattern!

    • Thank you! I never get to wear my boots anymore in this climate, so I was so happy to see my old friends again. I liked working with the suede, actually. It was very predictable.

    • Thanks, but I have to give credit to Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics on the color combo. I picked the double gauze out and said if you see a suede that would go with it, I’d like to try it. So this beautiful green was her pick and I also love them together!

  4. Yes, this suede clearly wanted to be a jacket! And it looks great with the double gauze. I’m such a fan of moto jackets and dresses together. I too have more jackets than necessary, but they’re so fun to make, and even more fun to make coordinates with like this combination. I’m impressed that it’s so light AND opaque–such a rare fabric that can combine such qualities.

  5. Amazing outfit, your dress is gorgeous, I love the fabric and it looks like it would be lovely to wear (I love double gauze) your jacket is awesome, it looks smart but very trendy too.

  6. The whole look it so fabulous! Loving that Saiph so much and it goes to show how short it must be if you lengthened this 3 inches. It’s a perfect mini length on you now, it must be positively indecent without the extra length! And what a cute jacket! Nicely played 🙂

    • Yes, the Saiph is called a tunic because it is short, and I’m also tall. I had luckily read reviews and knew I needed to measure for length. I did not want to ruin that lovely fabric! I actually shortened it just a smidge after I tried it on and my baby hem didn’t bring the length up much! Have you made a Saiph? It seems like a shape you would like!

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