Textured transition from Summer to Fall with Stylish Fabrics

McCall's 7385 blouse

What a great concept for a blog tour, right? I really loved the challenge of creating a garment using Stylish Fabrics that I can wear now, in the heat of summer, and keep on wearing throughout the fall. This was perfect, since there are really only those 2 seasons in my part of the world.  In my case, I’m making an all season garment that is super practical.

IMG_2854i chose a lightweight gauze in my favorite color – blush. At first, the fabric was a bit rough, but after pre-washing, it softened and the texture became more pronounced. It was the perfect floaty fabric to make a swishy sleeved McCall’s 7385. Except I didn’t quite order enough yardage (I hadn’t totally decided on a pattern when agreed to take it on).

MCCalls 7385 topI thought I was doing good, but in reality I forgot to cut out the back peplum piece. I was just so focused on cutting out those awesome, nearly full circle sleeves! Luckily I saw that I had forgotten that back piece before it was totally cut out and I was able to add just a couple inches to the front peplum. That peplum is supposed to be gathered, but due to my inattention it turned out much more fitted, and I am so glad! I dodged a bullet, really. I mean, look at those sleeves! I can’t wear sleeves like that AND a gathered peplum.

IMG_2862So I decided to leave the peplum back open, like my Kanerva blouse, and change my closure to buttons instead of a zipper. It was a forced design change that I ended up really liking (after my initial frustration subsided). The bodice is now much more fitted to balance the sleeves, and I had to bring the hem up quite a bit, so I’m not swallowed by the blouse.

IMG_2858But adding the crochet trim feels like it tipped the project over to really special. Those colors together! Then I used my serger for the rolled hem in gray, because I also love blush and gray. I love every color paired with gray, if I’m being honest with you. And I need to be honest about this.

I made no adjustments to the size besides my usual 1 inch in bodice length and a forward shoulder adjustment. This fabric has a springy quality that makes the fit shaped but forgiving.

IMG_2877For summer, it is perfect to wear with my ever-present jean shorts made from an old pair of my husband’s jeans. Real upcycling here! And my favorite blush sandals (I told you I love the color blush). But for fall, I’ll just add my light cords and ankle boots. It will be great, when/if temperatures ever dip below 90 degrees. Here’s hoping!

Stylish fabricsThis fabric was provided to me free of charge by Stylish Fabrics. That was super fun for me! Here is the fun part for you – the tour has organized an amazing giveaway with lots of prizes, including patterns, fabric and even a sewing machine! Go here and enter right now.

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26 thoughts on “Textured transition from Summer to Fall with Stylish Fabrics

  1. Helena, the top is gorgeous! I agree your peplum mistake was fortuitous – the top is perfect as it is. The crochet trim was a great touch. Love it! And am also really jealous that you live in perpetual summer and fall. I need to move.

  2. Beautiful top! I’ve been wanting to make a Lola dress and I just got a serger so it seems like the perfect time to make one. That is if I can get my courage up to actually start using my new serger! I love the version you made several years ago and I think a Lola made with the Denim Chambray French Terry Loop Rayon would be a nice fall transition dress for where I live.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your forced changes! It is far superior to the original design and the split peplum with buttons is the icing on the cake. You are so talented Helena 😍

  4. that is really nice – I love how it turned out. I just sewed up this pattern – sleeveless dress version – and I didn’t like it at all, too much fullness in the skirt . I think your peplum modification works really well.

  5. This is beautiful, Helena! I think it worked out really well without the peplum, which might have made it too fussy. Love the lace trim. Great job!

  6. This top looks so good on you! The balance between the strict bodice and flowy sleeves is great and the pink and the lace go so well together, colourwise and texture-wise.

  7. Sometimes those “oops” we experience turn out to be good things, don’t they? Yours definitely did and they made for an awesome looking top for you! Love the details of trim and buttons.

  8. It’s great to see all these great patterns and get to know the fabric. I love your blouse and the gaze in pale pink is beautiful.

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