The Clothes Making Mavens Podcast is ready for your enjoyment!

webpageJust a quick note to let you know that the very first episode of my brand new podcast is up on the internet for all to take a listen! Click on over to our brand new website where all the podcast information lives — (Website looks pretty good, eh? I’m pleased with how that turned out. Harder than sewing a bias silk camisole without stretching, but, like the camisole, worth it in the end!)

For this first episode, Lori from and I keep our Sew Small Talk pretty basic with introductions and a little get-to-know-us game. I was unimaginably nervous and sweating the entire time we were recording, but don’t worry, Lori sounds great! And I know that I had to get through the first difficult trial to move on to the next. For the next one, I’m sure all my nervousness will melt away since we are going to talk about my favorite subject – fabric!

The hope is to churn out 2 episodes a month; one Sew Small Talk with Lori and I, and 1 interview with a fun and fascinating guest. Our first guest lined up is Lauren Taylor from She and I had a great discussion that I think will be fun to listen to.

It is quite a leap to take, letting the world hear my voice, but I know this will get easier and I have a great podcast partner to have fun with. Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to go to the website and tell us about your most embarrassing makes! I want all of you involved in the discussion, like a huge conference call of sewing love!


6 thoughts on “The Clothes Making Mavens Podcast is ready for your enjoyment!

  1. I listened while I drafted a pattern for myself! I’m always on the hunt for good sewing podcasts because I like to binge on podcasts while I sew. I thought it was pretty good, especially considering that it was your first episode!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you got to listen to it while you were sewing, like we were all sewing and talking together!

  2. I too listened while sewing and I really enjoyed the podcast. Like you said, we love to talk sewing and not everyone likes to listen. So it was great to hear both of you just talk about sewing. Great job!

    Are you looking for podcast topics? I would love to listen to a conversation about how fast or slow we sew. I see so many bloggers produce 1 or 2 pieces of clothing a week. How do they do that? I’ve seen things that a blogger might say took them An hour or 2 hours to sew and it takes me 2 or 3 or 4 times that. So are there tricks I’ve missed (I’ve sewn for many years!)? I read one blogger has a “process” she uses. Would love to know if others have one too and what they are.

    • Thanks, Melinda! Yes, we are looking for topics and your suggestion is great! I agree wholeheartedly – I am also amazed by some people’s output and I am quite a bit slower than some. I’d be interested to hear what tricks others have also.
      While I was prepping for my interview with Lauren from I listened to her interview on A Sewing Affair and she said something interesting – she says she doesn’t hesitate or second guess herself, so she can move quickly. That blew my mind a little since it seems like all I do is hesitate and second guess myself! When you have a lot of techniques at your disposal, then you can become paralyzed with the possibilities. I think this is my problem, but I would love to hear from more from other bloggers, too. Thank you for the idea!

      • Very interesting because I had a similar thought yesterday as I was trying to figure out how to sew faster. I was thinking about projects I sewed a few years ago before I retired. I just kind sewed along. No stress. Then after I retired I set a goal to learn new techniques, learn how to fit better, make the insides of my projects look neat and clean. So I stop a lot to read–blogs, books, the pattern directions, etc and question myself! I’m going to listen to Lauren’s interview!! And look forward to more podcasts!!

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