Sew it Chic June 2016

Sew it Chic first saturdays

Friends – Sew it Chic link-up is back! I’m so sorry for the lapse. It astonishes me how my life seems to get busier and busier, but anyway, this party is very important to me and I am recommitting to keeping it going. Why? Because I miss it! I thought I had “followed” all of my friend’s blogs, using Bloglovin’ reader, but I have to tell you sometimes I don’t understand what Bloglovin’ is showing me. It is not always everything I’ve subscribed to and I’m missing lots of posts! I’m not sure how they determine what posts I should see in my feed, but I am certain I am not seeing everything.

Also, with my blog reader I scroll through posts and do not get a chance to comment on the garments. It is just more challenging on a phone and in the blog reader format to do so. But I want to comment – I certainly have a lot to say – and I love comments on my blog. I feel like many of you are friends, and I don’t want to limit our conversation. I know there has been some talk of blogging dying out, but I refuse to buy it. I still think it is so helpful and relevant to our sewing community. And I always feel so inspired by the posts I read, and that is so valuable to me!

So let’s get back to it! I’ll post the first Saturday of the month and the link up is open the rest of that month.

Just a few rules:

  • Women’s garments only
  • Made or blogged in the past month only – to avoid reposts.
  • The party is open about a month, until the last day of that month.
  • You don’t have to blog to join in! Link up your Pattern Review, your Kollabora project or even an Instagram pic. I know there are so many lovely things made that we never see because not everyone blogs. I have one person who emails me the pictures so I can get them up here.

Optional additional ideas:

  • If you are on a blogging platform that supports links, please link back to by using the Sew it Chic button in the sidebar, or just a simple mention in the text of your post. That way more people will find the party!
  • Look around and share a comment or 2 with a neighbor. I don’t mind admitting that I savor blog comments so much. They are encouraging and build community.

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2 thoughts on “Sew it Chic June 2016

  1. So glad you are back with this! I was having the same problem with Bloglovin until I realized that they sneakily turned my feed into something where I was seeing more of what the people I follow “liked” than what they were posting. On the top right hand corner, you can see your options: “My Feed” which is full of all that crap, “Activity,” and then finally “Blog Feed,” which is what you actually want to see.

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