Chambray wings & feathers aloft on M6605

m6605 outfitHere is my lovely summer top, McCall’s 6605, made from special thrifted feather chiffon and lightweight chambray. I enjoyed swishing around in this Easter weekend and I know I will wear it all summer. But I had a long journey to reach the land of effortless summertime boho chic.

m6605 as draftedArgh! This pattern! I love this kind of flowy top, with interesting details thrown in. I liked the rendering of View A with the contrasting yoke. But I’ve been around the sewing block and I was certain that I didn’t want to make a button placket out of chiffon, nor deal with that fiddly neckline piece.

So the chambray idea took shape, and this particular piece of chambray is soft but not very drapey. Therefore, the top as drafted ended up looking like a clown shirt with wings! The cut on sleeves stuck out ridiculously, and even though I had gone down my usual 2 sizes in McCall’s, the billowing of the bottom chiffon was out of control. Not to mention the back dipped hem reached halfway to my knees.

McCalls 6605 blouseI had hemmed it early so I could insert my finished hem edges into the placket, so all of these issues were not going to be easily fixed. I stomped my foot and threw the whole thing into the corner for over a month.

M6605 backFinally I calmed down and got out the scissors. I shaved 1.5 inches from each sleeve and 2.5 inches from the sides of the chiffon. I also cut 4 inches off the back hem so the hi-lo was much more pleasing.

M6605 top in chiffonIn the end, I learned that chambray doesn’t drape like chiffon over the shoulders (surprise!) but perseverance and the strong desire to save my precious feather fabric resulted in quite a cute and wearable top.

McCalls 6605 blouse sideBullet points of note:

  • No one wants to do a neckline and button placket in chiffon, but my choice of chambray had unexpected consequences at the sleeves
  • Made 2 sizes smaller than measurements, but still had to cut 1.5″ off sleeve wings and 2.5″ off side billows.
  • The sheerness of the bottom chiffon evens out the voluminous nature of the top, but the chambray makes it wearable without an under layer.
  • Yes, those buttons just happened to be in my stash. When serendipity smiles on me like that, it strengthens my resolve to stash more, more, more!
  • This cute top is part of my summer boho wardrobe plan that is slowly, slowly inching forward.McCalls 6605 top

11 thoughts on “Chambray wings & feathers aloft on M6605

  1. Really, really cute – -and very boho. Well worth the effort. I made this pattern awhile back (didn’t blog it though) and ended up with a huge mess. I ended up taking it apart and recutting the bodice because I didn’t size down as you so rightly did and it was HUGE. But the look is so perfect! Love your version! Maybe I’ll try again…..

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