Room for pockets in a tulip skirt!

Simplicity 2451 skirtThis is not a ground breaking post or anything but I’m just posting a quick project that I made in January. Pictures and this review were postponed because as soon as I finished it for the Pattern Review pattern stash contest, in which you were supposed to sew up a pattern you’ve been holding onto for at least 6 months, I decided that I hated my zipper application. I thought it was fine, I thought I could live with it, but no. It had to come completely out and be totally redone. In the end, the zipper looks great, so I don’t think I was just being a crazy perfectionist – it was a worthwhile thing to do. No one wants to be worrying about how their zipper looks down the center of their bum!

Simplicity 2451 skirtI have a well well well worn cream colored skirt that I love because of its curved but loose shape and abundance of pockets. I believe I’ve owned it for 8 years and I trot it out every summer. It is so good, comfortable, neutral, but still a cute skirt. Well, it is not going to last another summer here, since the summer here is 8 months long. I had to make a replacement. This is my new favorite skirt!

S 2451 skirtThe fabric is a nice heavy bottomweight I found in the LA fashion district that I thought was perfect for pants. It has a bit of stretch and holds its shape very well. No clinging, which is imperative! That is part of the joy of the big pocket skirt. Those front pleats give me belly room, and allow for plenty of space to actually place items into the awesome pockets.

To cut down on cling even further, I added a lining. It has a nice brushed silky texture and it makes the skirt seem so much more substantial. It will help the outer fabric from stretching out and it helps prevent wrinkling. I used to never want to bother making a lining, but now I am all about it! This skirt was super easy to line, too. Just cut skirt pieces out of the lining and insert it into the yoke when you are sewing that up.  I handsewed it down along the zipper. Well worth that little extra effort.

Simplicity tulip skirtI spent a bit of time on a neat back vent because I cut out the longer length. Casual comfortable never means a skirt that is too short! But I ended up cutting it off to the shorter length anyway. Keeping it above the knee was essential because the fabric plus lining made it quite stiff. It would be very bunchy to walk with all that around my knees. I also stabilized the pocket openings with seam tape because I know from experience that those diagonal seams will stretch out as I laden the pockets with heavy items like phones and elephants and things.

Simplicity skirt from frontBut that great stable fabric is why it holds its shape so nicely and I love this fun tulip shape. I’ve seen more exciting Tulip skirt patterns that I may try in the future, but the Simplicity 2451 is very wearable, easy to make, and turned out simply cute!Simplicity 2451 in cotton lycra



17 thoughts on “Room for pockets in a tulip skirt!

  1. I really like the fabric you chose – neutral enough to go with nearly everything but still interesting. Cute basic that isn’t really basic!

  2. Love that fabric and the tulip shape of the skirt. I have that pattern and will have to move it up in my queue! I agree – lining a skirt makes all the difference in wearability and drape. So cute…great shoes too.

    • Thanks! I almost forgot about this pattern, since I bought it so long ago. It is so easy to get distracted by new and shiny. But I think I will make more of these!

  3. That skirt is such a classic and yet looks totally fresh! Love it! And like someone above suggested I think it would work great in a denim. If ever I get my sewing machine back and the queue moving again I might just make one too.

    • Melissa – oh no! Can you sew the pleats down partially? I could totally see how that could be an issue with this pattern.

  4. Cute! Great fabric choice and the pattern has such a nice shape. The yoke is a pretty feature too. I have a Burda skirt with similar lines that I’m determined to wear into the ground. Whatever happened with the zipper, I think you made an excellent choice–it turned out beautifully. I agree; if a detail is causing you to lose sleep, pick up the seam ripper. In the end, you never regret those extra few minutes (or hours) of extra work, especially if it means that you end up with something that you love vs. something that’s almost perfect but not quite.

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