Wild! Animal print Inari Dress

IMG_2044I don’t always enjoy sewing very simple patterns like the Named Inari Dress, but the truth is, I really enjoy wearing them. As far as my goal of crafting a wearable warm weather wardrobe (alliteration!) that I feel great in, I know I should make more of these pieces. Example: my Kate top. I’m almost finished with my 2nd and have 3 more fabrics set aside.

Named Inari T-dress 1I made a fun muslin out of blue and ladybug knit to check the fit. If I made this pattern out of a knit again I would go down a size, but the muslin told me that my woven fabric will drape really well and it turned into a cute nightgown that is sorely needed. But I don’t think I want to make this out of a knit; the beauty is I can use my lovely drapey special woven fabrics that need a blank canvas to shine. The only change I made was to scoop out the neckline just a little more. The length was just right, so be warned if you are shorter than average. I am 5’9″ for reference.

Named Inari dressSo I made it out of animal print metallic linen! Look at the sheen on this baby. Delicious! But if you have ever worked with any metallic fabrics before, you’ll know they have a rough quality that will eventually affect the comfort of the garment.

Inari dress liningI am especially sensitive around the neck, so I chose to line it from the neck down in a silky lining that I thrifted. Of course it is carefully understitched so it lays flat and does not show. If you are not making a self facing it is essential to get that right. IMG_2053. I only had a little over a yard of the lining but it worked out perfectly for this project.

Inari sleevesWith the set in sleeves and turned back cuffs I didn’t bother lining the little sleeves. I just serged the lining into the armscythe seams.

Inari dressI hemmed the lining to be just short of the side slits, but I can see in these pictures (always a great way to see the flaws of a garment, eh?) that the lining still peeks out a little. I guess I’ll go back to shorten that lining hem. I was trying to be very precise, but I think when the lining hangs independantly it can droop a little.

I recommend this pattern wholeheartedly. The details are just right and I think the angled seams give the dress a great shape that is much more than just a elongated rectangle. I will admit that both my sister-in-law and my husband both immediately asked if I was going to wear a belt with it? Um, no. I want to let my stomach pooch free! I don’t tend to wear dresses much, but this kind of dress makes me feel comfortable.

Named Inari T-dress 2So this dress is another win. I have quite a few cuts of fabric that I have been saving for just this kind of pattern. I guess my wardrobe will now consist of Camas blouses, Liana Stretch jeans, Morris blazers, Kate tops and Inari dresses. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect skirt pattern and shorts pattern. Suggestions welcome!

I see the gratification in making a well beloved pattern over and over again, though I’ve always thought that was a boring path for me to sew. I’m wondering if I make a bunch more of these patterns, I should take on the challenge of bra making to spice things up? And I do have my top 10 patterns to try list to work through. But I’m sure one of my favorite pattern designers will come out with some more irresistible projects I’ll need to jump on, even as I know the patterns I have are TNTs. Like those new Papercut Pattern Starboard jeans!



17 thoughts on “Wild! Animal print Inari Dress

  1. This is really stunning. It looks simple, but all the little details make it so very elegant. Also, I’m jealous that you can wear those muted tones. Lovely!

  2. Love that fabric and the simple silhouette . Drapey but not boxy. So perfect for summer. Can I ask what size did you cut? I’m 5’10” so this is a great reference for me.

    • Thank you, Susan! The bad news is I bought this fabric at a little shop in the LA Fashion District last year. The good news is that I may start snatching these special guys up and offering them for sale. If I see an interest in that kind of thing…

  3. It’s so cute! I think the simple style of this dress really allows the details of the fabric to shine. I agree about the facings…sometimes they make all of the difference when the fabric is a little scratchy and when the style doesn’t allow for a thin undershirt.

  4. I love this dress! I’m with you…skip the belt. It’s a shift dress, and the shape is the thing! The fabric is so fabulous and your shoes are gorgeous. Big Question: Did you buy the shoes for the dress, or did you make the dress to go with the shoes?

    • Hahaha! I have a true shoe buying problem, and metallic shoes are my newest obsession. So no, I just “happened” to have these gold shoes in the closet!

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