A boho inspired wardrobe plan for summer

It’s time for the Pattern Review wardrobe contest and I’m jumping in again!

Last year I had a great time creating my gold and blue wardrobe and I continue to wear those items all the time. I just love this kind of creative push, especially with a deadline to keep me on track.

This year’s contest requires a total of 10 pieces; 1 topper that must match all items, at least 2 tops and at least 2 bottoms. This is great because you have 5 free choice items and you can choose what you and your wardrobe need more of…more tops to go with neutral bottoms? Or do you love dresses? It really opens up the possibilities.

I decided to start with a concept, just like a designer collection. Don’t you love to play designer in your home sewing studio? Such fun! My theme, my vibe, is “Modern Boho”. This will be my spring/summer wardrobe, and it is a style that will be fun to sew and is easy to wear in the heat of my first summer here in California.

There are bohemian elements in so many shops right now, so it was easy to get inspired. But when I went to narrow down my fabric and pattern pairings (boy did my sewing room look like a bomb went off as I gathered “inspiration”) I realized it is helpful to nail down the actual details that make a garment feel boho.

I made a little boho mood board, but without the specific patterns, just shapes and fabrics that I love. I also included 11 items! I will not be making 11 items, I just had way too much inspiration! I’ll edit it down (probably when I run out of time, right?)


Here are some of the specific elements I’ve noticed and want to incorporate into my collection.

  1. Gathered/Flowy blouses
  2. Shift dress shape
  3. Embroidery
  4. Romantic maxi dresses
  5. Cream and muted colors
  6. Native Prints/Feather prints
  7. Lace/trim/tassels
  8. Denim
  9. Halter necklines

The contest runs through the months of February and March. After a slow start due to a Valentine trip, immediately followed by houseguests, I have a bunch of things cut and ready to stitch up this week. I do have 1 completed garment and 1 more that needs serious fitting help.

I am a very slow and careful seamstress, so the deadline of March 31st is quite a stretch, but I sure loved planning my projects and I will finish the wardrobe eventually, so watch this space!

seamwork-5e06663b94c286afa6651964fd5bad57Sidenote: I just got an email from the lovelies at Seamwork magazine and they just set up a referral program that I think is really great! If you sign up with my link, you get your first month’s subscription half off! And I get a bonus month, too. But I would only post an offer if I knew my readers were going to get a good deal, too, not just for my own profit, and I think this offer is great for all of us.

Subscribe to Seamwork here and receive half off your first month. Were you waiting for a deal? Now’s your chance!

I really like their patterns and I love the fun and surprise of every month’s issue. But their new credit system is really, really flexible! YOU get to choose which patterns you get each month with your 2 credits! So clever. So maybe you want to go back and grab the Aurora tank I made 5 times with your credits? It is fabulous to have that option.

I can’t wait to see what you sew up at the Sew it Chic monthly link up!

Leave a comment! I love comments!

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