Tessuti Kate Top is a winner, even as a muslin

Tessuti Kate Top 1I hate making muslins. I really do. If I make a muslin out of an ugly fabric while only sewing up the seams to check for fit, I never get the desired outcome. I know my skill at fitting is not advanced, so I cannot tell from those kinds of garments where to adjust, unless it is something easy and obvious, like length. But I don’t have to make a muslin to check for length, I can just hold the paper pattern up to my body or use a measureing tape. What seems to happen is I will make a pattern (not a muslin) and during the course of wearing it, the tweaks and adjustments needed make themselves known to me. Does anyone else do it this way?

Kate Top side splitsPlus, I just hate cutting out so much that making a worthless muslin hurts my soul!

Tessuti KATE BACKSo my preferred method of perfecting a pattern is to make it up in a less precious fabric, wear it around, note what needs to be adjusted,, and make my changes before cutting into the beauty.

This fabric was a scrap. A teeny tiny scrap leftover from my Mathilde blouse. I thought I would perhaps use this leftover fabric on something for my girls, or perhaps mix it into another garment. I love mixing fabrics. But it was just enough to cut a muslin Tessuti Kate top, minus 2 inches in length. It is such a joy to get to use this beautiful rayon fabric again! It feels like a dream and the colors are so good. So, so good!

Kate Top muslinI got to wear this lovely top since the weather is in the 80’s right now. We have our first houseguests in the new house so we went down to San Diego for Valentine’s Day. You’re not supposed to smile for your mug shot, so I look very serious, but I love the top!

So far I don’t have any complaints in the fit at all. The shoulders sit perfectly, the dart is in the correct place, and the drape is loose without being tenty. One of my armholes may be a bit big, but I suspect that is due to my very shady bias binding I applied. One of the straps is smaller than the other by a quarter inch, but if you had only seen the little scraps I cute the bias out of, you’d understand that not everything could be perfect. And it was just a quick muslin.

Yerssuti Kate Top mitered cornerAnyone that has tried this pattern is thrilled to death over the mitered corners, and I concur! It is a brilliant feature, cleverly patterned and easy to do when following the very thorough instructions. I can’t help but love this quick, lovely “practice.”

IMG_1987And now I will be cutting into an amazing plaid silk that is woven with golden metallic threads. I feel confident it will be great fitting and I can do this fabulous fabric justice. So muslins aren’t worthless after all!

8 thoughts on “Tessuti Kate Top is a winner, even as a muslin

  1. I am seriously drooling over that plaid silk – it is gorgeous! Your “muslin” is great too. I tend to walk a line between quick-and-dirty muslins and the “wearable” variety as well. I do often need to change the placement of bust darts, and a traditional muslin works well for that.

    • I’ve been saving that plaid silk for like 9 months. I bought it with the intent of a simple tank, but it needed a perfect fit, so I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern.

  2. I love that you do this. I also feel exactly the same that a muslin is just a complete waste of time so I do make a muslin but I also do it out of scrap or more recently very cheap fabric so I get to make a wearable item and know how it fits in order to then make the proper one.That way I get a work top too for the price of the “muslin”. I work in a lab so nice clothes tend to get wrecked so I wear my muslins there. And its so much better than wasting my precious time making a mulsin to have it end up in the bin. At least this way my effort is paid off with a cheaper version of my wanted item.

  3. I wish I could do this method, but I almost always have to do a bust adjustment and my fitting skills just aren’t up to it.

    On the other hand, I hate buying patterns only to make *one thing* out of them, so this seems like a really good way to get multiple wearable pieces from one pattern!

    • I know! There are so many fun patterns out there, but I almost always want to make a pattern again to make some adjustments and make it “perfect.” I just wish I had unlimited sewing time.

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