My dream job…sewing on a Bernina

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a Bernina Ambassador?

I have always sewn on Berninas, except for a short time in college after I moved away. My mother has a Bernina 830 Record that she bought shortly after I was born. I learned to sew on it. It is a wonderful, reliable machine.

2 Bernina 830 RecordWhen I went away to college, I could only go a few months before I realized that a sewing machine was a necessity. I don’t remember what kind of a machine I bought, but it was about $100 (a lot of money to me!) and I was glad to have something.

But actually, it sewed very badly. It skipped stitches, the bobbin thread nested, all kinds of annoying problems. I fell out of love with sewing and didn’t sew for a few years. Then, when I was 23, my mom gave me her Bernina 830. Wait — what? Why? Because she had replaced hers with….another Bernina 830. That’s right, she bought the same machine again, used, but still the exact same model. You see, she is a professional seamstress, and on the occasion of her machine being in the shop she was unable to work, so she needed another one. Then, hahaha, she bought another another one! When she had collected 2 backup machines, she ceremoniously gifted me the original beauty as a very meaningful and loving heirloom.

I love that Bernina 830 Record so much and use it constantly, so I recently bought my own backup! It was a very lucky find on Craigslist! This means that my mom has 2 and I have 2. And we live 6 houses away from each other! So on our block, we are armed and ready for any sewing related emergencies. Don’t even get me started on how many Babylocks we have…

What I’m saying is that I kind of already feel like I’m a Bernina Ambassador, at least for my vintage machine. I love it so fiercely.

BERNINA-facebook-fullbleedBut, I do want to point out that Bernina and Kollabora are looking for newย BERNINA Ambassadors. And with that lucky position comes the chance to sew on a new Bernina for an entire year! I can only imagine with the new models are like. I have not even taken a peek at the amazing features of them because I’m sure I would create a need! The temptation would be very real.

Take a look at Kollabora to get more info on becoming one of the We All Sew content creators. I threw my hat in the ring for this amazing opportunity, but I know there are quite a few talented seamstresses out there who would like creating projects for all skill levels, from DIY fashion to home decor.

Head over to Kollabora to read more…and good luck to you!

4 thoughts on “My dream job…sewing on a Bernina

  1. aaaah – I sew with the exact same machine! I’m kinda looking into getting a new Bernina (my husband promised me to buy one for me, though he is still in the dark on the financial committment involved…), but I almost feel unfaithful at even thinking about ditching the trusty 1980s 830.

    • I knew we were of one heart, Chris! I just knew it. You can keep the old one, right? And still get a new one? I tell ya, I take the long way around the Bernina booth at the Sew Expo because I just know they do some amazing things and I just don’t want to know. I just mentioned to my husband this morning how much the new ones were and he had a good laugh. I don’t think we’ll be doing that soon, but I’d seriously love hearing about yours when you get one!

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