Geometric Morris Blazer

Morris blazer outfitThis has to be as close to a perfect garment for me as is possible. I know, I know, I have said that about my last 3 makes – my Camas blouse, my Liana jeans, and now this Morris blazer, but it is true. I think those 3 items cover my casual style pretty perfectly. I am planning on a dive into shift dresses soon, too, but that is another post.

Grainline Morris blazer sleeve cuffI believe this glorious pastel geometric printed knit could, in fact, be from the 80’s. I found it at my favorite East Side thrift store and have had it in the stash about 7 months. It had finally met its match in the Morris blazer. The weight is medium and the stretch is low, perfect for the hang of this jacket. I cut the facings out of another piece of thrifted sweatshirt fabric that was a bit scratchy on the face, but the underside was super soft, so I used that side. I do recommend putting something very comfortable on the lapels/facings because my neck gets irritated easily, does yours? That would be a sad end to a really wearable jacket if it was itchy!

Morris blazer in stretch knitBasically, it feels like a sweatshirt or hoodie, but looks a whole lot cuter. It is stretchy, it is lightweight, but it looks sharp!

Morris blazer backI made no adjustments to the pattern, since I saw how the facing is drafted and I wanted my first time sewing it to be very accurate. But then I forgot that I was trying to follow the directions exactly and cut my back on the fold. I remember thinking to myself – I don’t want a seam down the back that I’ll feel compelled to pattern match, I’ll just leave that out. But I did not take out the seam allowance! Even after that stupid mistake, it still turned out great. Ha! No matter how much I tried to sabotage it.

Grainline Morris blazer frontIt is a very easy item to sew and I look forward to trying again. My (already started!) next iteration has many alterations that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m going to write up a tutorial and everything!

Morris blazer lapelsOne thing of note is that I used knit interfacing. This allows some give in the facing so that it does not pull like I have noticed on some other Morris blazers. I put the stretch of my interfacing going down the lapels. I think this is a handy tip, especially if your knit is more stretchy, but even if it is fairly stable it still may help.

Morris blazer sideSince I want to wear this everyday, I think I should at least try to make it in a couple different fabrics for variety’s sake, eh? It is going to be the new uniform! Liana jeans (need more of those, too) and Aurora tanks (luckily I have 5 of those!) and every print and color of Morris blazer that I can make. Yay!


17 thoughts on “Geometric Morris Blazer

  1. Lovely fabric! I really like the pattern and tried it once but it was a total disaster as I used the wrong interfacing. šŸ˜¦ The knit interfacing is a really good idea for this one! Anyway, looking at this it seems totally legit to make a bunch of them. Happy sewing and don’t miss to show them all! šŸ˜‰

  2. Cute!! Fun fabric and good tip re: knit interfacing. I really like the Morris blazer I made last year… I used a stretch sateen, though, so didn’t have any sagging problems.

  3. This is definitely one of the best Morris blazers I’ve seen! I have always been afraid of trying out the pattern, even though I love the style, since I knew its success really comes down to fabric choice, and I was worried I’d botch it. Your suggestions will definitely be noted if I ever do venture down that road!

    • Thank you, Amy, that is so nice. I think almost all project successes are so dependent on correct fabric choice. I am getting more picky and cautious about that as I sew more and more because I see what a huge difference it makes. But it is fun to look at fabric and plan, so I don’t mind!

  4. I love this and would steal it if I could. That fabric is perfect for it, and I love the tip of using a stretch interface. I’d crossed the Morris off my list of future projects, but yours had definitely changed my mind. Can’t wait to see your next version!

  5. Super cute! I was interested to see how you dealt with the sagging facing that I’ve seen on so many other versions. It’s what put me off the Morris. But you have fixed it perfectly, I’m amazed! Such a great blazer

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