Liana stretch jeans rock my world!

Liana Stretch Jeans patternOf course I still love the Named Jamie jeans pattern, and I wear both my black and ikat pairs often, but I wanted to try making a classic pair of jeans. You know, the traditionally shaped 5 pocket with all the topstitching. I actually quite like to add topstitching to my garments now that I have an edgestitch foot for my Bernina. I wanted something I would wear and wear, not keep “saving” like I do for many of my handmades that are a little too fancy or precious. I wanted a workhorse.

I got to test the Liana Stretch jeans for my friend Kennis of Itch to Stitch patterns. I enjoyed the testing deadline to keep me focused, and I like helping other pattern designers. Kennis does a lot for the pattern design community and she is a very talented designer.

Itch to stitch Liana jeansThe coolest thing about this pattern is that it has options for skinny, straight, and bootcut legs. The way she does this is she drafted separate leg pieces that you add to your waist/butt/fly area. This is brilliant! Basically, when you finally get the fit of the tricky butt/crotch curve/hip area perfect in these jeans you will be able to use any leg width you want for a complete jeans wardrobe! So smart, right? I want to try them in all the different shapes and all the different colors…

My review- I love them so far! I included them in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe because they will go with anything. And I recently wore them to Disneyland. I was sitting down, then getting up, walking, skipping, you name it! These were comfortable and cute and BEST OF ALL, no yanking up my pants because they slide down my hips! This is huge for me, guys. Huge. They come up just high enough to stay up, but not so high that I can’t tuck things in. Extremely exciting!

Liana jeans zipper closeI also loved Kennis’ fly insertion method. It was easy to follow and resulted in a smooth, nicely finished fly. My best one yet.

Please note that this was the first version of the jeans, and there was a little tweaking of the yoke in the final version, and it ended up looking fab on a lot of different bodies. But, as I’m sure you know, it is very unlikely that you will find a jeans pattern that fits most people out of the box. People are just shaped different! This one fit me so well (no modifications because it was a test) that I am going with this version. I think the new pattern has more room in the bum area, and that is not an adjustment that I need. I have a lack in that arena!

Liana jeans DIY distressedCan you see that I tried to distress my seam edges and legs? It doesn’t show up on camera, and I will admit that I was a little timid about the whole thing. I might have another sandpaper session down the legs at least after I’ve washed them a couple more times. The distressed sections actually look more blue, so I wonder how the washing will effect the color.

Liana jeans back viewMy back pocket design was a horror of indecision and not getting them mirrored correctly. Ugh. I tried at least 3 different marking methods with limited success. Next time- straight lines I can measure out! But I like my unique choice of topstitching color. It is a little different, but not too wild. They remain classic.

Stretch jeans sideI didn’t feel I needed rivets in this pair, but I look forward to trying that technique out. This is a first try, but the errors I see are a learning opportunity. I’m so glad I am learning this new skill with such an nice PDF pattern and well written instructions, too. It has been very fun so far!

I asked Kennis if she wanted to extend a discount to my readers, and she agreed that it is a fun idea! Use the code “grayallday” without the quotes at on the Liana Jeans PDF pattern until January 17th, 2016 to get 20% off and start your own jeans wardrobe! I hope I see yours linked up on the Sew it Chic party soon!

Liana jeans discount


18 thoughts on “Liana stretch jeans rock my world!

  1. Wow – these are super hot jeans! Very cool that they come with different leg options. And I think the stitching on the pockets turned out well – did not notice they weren’t perfect, so I’m sure no one else will!

    • Thank you! I like the various options of this pattern a lot. I’d like to try the straight leg, and I wonder if I can make flares out of the bootleg option? It will be fun to play around with.

  2. Those jeans are incredible! I envy the fit and the distressing of the denim is perfect. Honestly, your pockets are so cool, I couldn’t figure out why you were concerned about them, but maybe it’s one of those things you know because you did it yourself?

    • Thank you so much! The pockets turned out fine, but it was just such a struggle to get them to fine, you know? I had to cut another pair of pockets out when I messed up the first, and I had to unpick them the first time I sewed them on. There are just some tricky things in jeans making and I think getting the back pockets right is one of them!

  3. Wow! You did an incredible job sewing those! Don’t know why I’m now intimidated to sew some jeans, I mean I sewed a pair of Calvin Klein jean style shorts using a Vogue Pattern when I was in high School and that was 25 years ago! I’m a size 10-12 now with a bit of a muffin around my belly, lol! So maybe that’s why I don’t want to try….but who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans, especially if they were self made? I will take a look at her pattern & ( consider ) making some. You are a talented, and ambitious sewist though. Thanks for sharing & inspiring us!

    • Thank you, Marsi! That is so funny that you sewed a pair in high school and now you are intimidated! I just posted a pic in IG of a hoodie I made in high school that had a zipper and pockets and was made of velour even. It didn’t occur to me at that time that I shouldn’t try to make it, I just did it. We should all just try, and I’m trying to say that to myself as I cut out a chiffon blouse. Ha!

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