My one true love – the Camas Blouse

Thread Theory Camas blouse 1When I saw this pattern, I thought to myself “Look, Morgan read my mind! She has created the most perfect pattern. She knows my heart! We are one!”

I was right! It IS the perfect pattern for me. It has all my favorite elements…a V neck, made from a knit, a contrast yoke, soft gathers at the shoulders, a shaped hem, 3/4 sleeves. The possibilities for fabric pairing are so exciting! I can make it dressy, but it is knit, so it will still be wearable.

Camas blouse 1So here is my maiden voyage and I am pleased. I used this super unstable, lightweight and baby soft knit that I just wanted against my skin, damn it! It was not the best choice, but I’m still rockin’ it.

Camas lesson #1: interfacing the placket to apply the buttons will, of course, stabilize that piece. When you attach the very unstable front pieces to it, they pull  and flow at different rates and there is waviness. Solution to try next time – use knit interfacing (I didn’t have any black) and/or be more aware of this issue when choosing fabric.

Thread Theory CamasThe only change I made to the pattern was to take out a bit of the fullness in the back piece. I still wanted it gathered, but not quite as much. Camas lesson #2: to take fullness out of the back, just position your back pattern piece over the fold half an inch. Very simple fix and that retained the pattern markings.

And that cool cotton woven I made the yokes out of? I got that from the thrift store for $5 and I’ve got like 5 yards of the stuff. Expect to see lots more of it in the future. It sewed really well and I’m daydreaming of the projects I can make out it. It is a very rare thing to find 5 yards of a fabric thrift shopping, and while shopping for new fabric I never buy a 5 yard length (except this Ikat fabric) so I’m thrilled with the possibilities. Ideas are welcome! Throw ’em at me!

The sleeves are perfect for me! I could add half an inch in length, but the width is great! Since most patterns are wide for me there, it was nice that I did not have to mess with altering and changing the armhole.

Camas Knit TopOf course I sewed my placket shut with my buttons. There is no need to have working buttons there and the unstable fabric was just going to drive me crazy if I tried to make buttonholes in it. I’d like to try snaps in another version. It is such a fun, pretty detail.

Camas Top with contrast yokeI made a fun little outfit  with my Moss skirt and my metallic Vans. Bare legs in December! Can you believe it? It was almost 70 degrees for these pictures. Happy Holidays! Talk to you next year!


10 thoughts on “My one true love – the Camas Blouse

    • Thank you, it is very comfy. The skirt I made a couple years ago but have never worn much because of the cold weather in WA. I just didn’t wear skirts a lot. Now I have it out again and I like it so much! It is a loose weave without a lining, though, so it may not last forever…

  1. Gorgeous! This reminds me I need to make another Camas blouse- I really adore my first one, but the fabric I used got quite stretched out over time so it’s a bit big.

  2. Lovely! Not ready to tackle stretchy knits yet, but this pattern would suit most any body shape and age. Cute little skirt, too. I can see that pretty blue made up into a nice summery dress……….

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