Making a statement with my BurdaStyle Vest

Some garments are just for fun, right? I love these kind of sweeping statement vests, don’t you? I’ve seen them in stores and on fashion bloggers and they are so cool. Perhaps too cool for me, a work-at-home mommy, but too bad! I made one anyway!

BurdaStyle Vest DetailI was smart enough to realize that purchasing one of these lovelies at Anthropologie for $125 would not be practical. But how about using a simple thrifted piece of linen blend and reusing a pattern I already had made before? Super easy! I used this pattern BurdaStyle Drape Cardigan 10/2014 #113, to make my blanket cardigan last year and I love that thing. I wore it quite a bit last winter and I was snuggly every time. I may not be wearing it very much in this climate — that thing is WARM — heavyweight wool and thick wool jersey sleeves. But I resurrected the pattern and just left off the sleeves for this high drama vest.

1-IMG_1546I found this metallic plaid bias tape on Etsy and it was perfect! I ordered a length of 6 yards and I had a mere 5 inches left after I attached it. It was meant to be.

BurdaStyle Drape VestI french seamed the back collar and side seams to keep control of this very fraying linen and make it pretty inside and out. The shoulder seams I just serged. No one will see the inside of the shoulder seams and it would be so difficult to french seam an inside square! The collar is cut-on and attached in an odd way. The whole vest was just one pattern piece!

BurdaStyle Waterfall VestAnd actually, it is fairly warm and substantial, and it may prove to be a useful addition to the old wardrobe in this warm climate after all. Truthfully, though, I just made it for the fun. I feel very glamorous in it! I know it is super trendy and may look silly in a season or two, but I love it today, so for now I’ll swish around in it.

burdastyle waterfall vest 1

23 thoughts on “Making a statement with my BurdaStyle Vest

  1. Okay, that is drop dead gorgeous. I saw those vests in Anthro and thought, Hmmmm. I should make one…and then presto, you did :). The fabric is perfect to accentuate the drape of the front. And the trim — what a perfect embellishment. And you put it on so perfectly, it doesn’t stiffen the drape or make it pucker or anything (yes, I have had those problems before.) Lovely!

    • Thank you! Yes, it can be tricky to get the bias tape to behave around curves like this. It helps that the linen pressed out so nicely, too. And I forced a little ease into the bias tape around the outer curves so it wouldn’t cup under.

  2. I love this! I’m always tempted by these sorts of garments but never quite have the confidence to wear them. You look fab though, maybe I should just bite the bullet and try it!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure about it either, so I didn’t want to invest a lot. But I love it and I do think I’ll wear it. Twice so far! It is an easy pattern, so you could try it. Or if it seems like too much, you could cut it off to make less of a statement? Bite the bullet!

  3. You look just amazing, cool vest and new haircut and all. Seeing that you managed to make the vest out of a woven rather than the knit the pattern indicates I might just have found the perfect pattern for a long time stash resident. May I ask how tall you are – I would like to shorten the pattern a little and would like to judge from your example how much to go for.

    • Thank you, Chris! Without the sleeves, it is a very unfitted pattern. No need to use a knit. I am 5’9″ and for this version I cut off a couple inches. For the blue cardigan version I kept all the length. It is really, really long and can swallow a person up easily. I can’t wait to see your interpretation!

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I’m 5’8 (I think, I never seem to be able to remember what 1,74m is in foot and inches), so I might take off a little more than you. My sewing queue is all over the place right now (I seem to be doing nothing but boy’s shirts) but I just auditioned the fabric and it looks great, so once I get round to it I will post on Sew it Chic!

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