And the last Aurora tank

Aurora tank 5bNow that the July Seamwork magazine is out, it is time to obsess about a new pattern, right? But let me just quickly share the last Aurora tank I made…I did actually make it during the series, but getting things posted is sometimes tricky, especially when I hated these photos so much. Oh well.

Aurora tank 5a

This version also has a cotton yoke, but I lined the yoke with a silky lining. To ensure the lining didn’t peek out at the edges (since it is bright turquoise, I simply shaved an eighth of an inch around the back neckline and armholes of the lining fabric only, making the outer fabric just a tiny bit larger. When sewn edge to edge like normal, this allowed that outer fabric to wrap around the lining just a tad and make it less visible. It worked really well in this simple tank!

Aurora tank 5d

I lined the horizontal lines up carefully, but was super sad when I took these pictures and realized that I could have centered the print on the back and it would have been so, so, so much better! Argh. It didn’t even occur to me until I saw these pictures!

Aurora tank 5c

So, there have been a lot of Aurora tanks on the blog lately. It has been fun trying new combos. I think my favorite is the chambray and pink, but I don’t know…I like the leopard and green, too. What do you think?

Colette seamwork Aurora Collage


9 thoughts on “And the last Aurora tank

  1. I’ve really been enjoying all the variations you’ve been able to come up with for this very easy pattern! I really like the combo of green + leopard — but they are all great.

  2. I think the pink one is my favorite out of the lot, but you’ve done a lot of work in combining the fabrics in novel combos. It’s gotta be nice to have a good selection of go to tees for your summer wardrobe!

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