Aurora with a chambray yoke

Pink Seamwork Aurora tank1Have you noticed that my posts are going up later and later? Posting everyday is a challenge! But I’m keeping up (barely)…

Pink Aurora tank 2Here is my hot pink Seamwork Aurora made with a chambray yoke. I was right that a woven fabric could work! It is another cute, comfy top and doesn’t it go great with my Ikat Jamie jeans? I am completely handmade in this outfit.

Seamwork Aurora tank pinkTo compensate for the lack of stretch, I added 1/2″ to the width of the yoke back. That worked fine, but this pink hachi knit from grew immediately upon wearing. It is lovely and soft to wear but it got a lot wider around the bust and it makes the armholes look too wide. It is just a characteristic of the fabric that I didn’t know to compensate for. Not a huge deal, though. I’m just getting nit-picky with my 3rd version.

close up seamwork auroraTo create a clean finish with the ravelly chambray, I changed the construction a little bit. I sewed the back onto the top yoke first, before sewing the armholes and back neckline. Then I sewed the armholes and back neckline of the 2 yoke pieces right side to right side as instructed in the pattern. I did have to clip the rounded back neckline a little bit to get it to lay flat. Then I used my handy trick (that I promise I am writing a tutorial for) to enclose the front straps, pulled those through so all was right side out, then folded the facing yoke piece under before sewing a topstitch to catch it down. It looks neat and tidy and everything is enclosed!

Aurora tank with D

Passed the hug test!

I half tucked the front into my jeans, but I still prefer the length pretty long so I have options. What do you guys think? The soft, stretchy and growing knit makes this tank much more slouchy.  A very different fit with the new fabrics!

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