Casual Aurora is next!

Seamwork Aurora tank1Oh yes, I knew this pattern (Seamwork’s Aurora) would be a winner. I love this tank top!

Seamworks Aurora tank 2The body is made from a whisper soft jersey that I found on the remnant table at my beloved Pacific Fabrics. The lace on the yoke is a random poly lace I found at the thrift store. It has less stretch, but I am not totally sure you need much stretch for the yoke piece. Spoiler alert – that will be my next experiment! Trying out a woven fabric for the yoke.

Seamwork Aurora tank neckline alterationI made a fair bit of modifications after my first try yesterday. First, I scooped the neckline down 1 3/4″. I have a handy Vary Curve for this job, but you might need to eyeball it if you try this. Be sure and true up your front neckline so you don’t accidentally get a V-neck or an upwards point. To square it, use a 90* angle (a ruler or a piece of paper work fine) to make sure the fold line and the neckline meet at 90*.

Seamwork Aurora yoke alterationI also lengthened the yoke straps about 1/2″. The taped together pattern had an intersection that made it easy to break apart and retape. Do note that lengthening at that  specific spot did widen the straps a tiny bit. That worked well for me, since I always like a wide neckline. But to make the front width match I had to move the top of the front piece 1/8″ away from the fold when cutting it out. That did the trick!

Aurora tank 3I still feel the armholes are a little tiny bit high. I’ll cut that down on my next version. But since that armhole area is made of knit, it is not uncomfortable.

Seamwork Aurora tank 4So, what do you think? Another cute tank in a fun fabric combo that I will be able to wear all through the summer. Here I am wearing it with my white Lindy Petal Skirt, but I think it will also look great with my cut-offs.

See you tomorrow — same bat-time, same bat-place!

19 thoughts on “Casual Aurora is next!

  1. I really like the changes you made here! Did you add any ease across the front to make the pleats drape better, or did the fabric here make all of the difference?

    • Thanks, Amy! I did add a little ease by just scooting my pattern piece over from the fold a bit, so I’m sure that helped.

    • Thank you, Masha! The best part is that the whole outfit is comfy knit!
      Thinking of your husband and family and hope you are doing okay.

    • Thanks! It is fun being the first to try out a pattern in the blog world, but I can’t wait to see how other people interpret it, too.

  2. Your modifications seem to have made a big difference in the fit – it looks great! I love the idea of using lace for the yoke, and I’ll be curious to see how your woven yoke works out too. This is such a fun series! A quick and easy project each day. 🙂

    • Thanks! It is easy to keep motivated when it is only 2 hours a day and it results in a cute top I can wear immediately!

    • Thank you, I love it with the skirt, too. The contrasting yoke is the whole fun of it to me. I’m sure it would be cute in all one fabric, but I would probably never do that!

  3. this is really cute! this soft colour combo works great on you and with this skirt! Good job on these adjustments – this seems like a perfect pattern for experimenting fit improvements. I was wondering, did you consider a sway back alteration? Can’t wait to see your next versions!

    • Thank you! I don’t usually care too much about the swayback unless it is a very fitted dress. In a knit like this I like how it pools. But I could see how it could benefit from that alteration. Do you usually do that?

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