Seamwork’s Aurora tanks all week long

Colette Seamwork Aurora tank 5Summer has arrived and I’m woefully unprepared. I’ve been obsessed with making jackets and now that I’ve made my floral moto, I want to make all the motos. But jackets take time, and at this moment at least, are not very seasonally appropriate. So I’ve decided to take a bit of a pause from that and spend a week making a bunch of the new Aurora tank from Seamwork magazine by Colette.

Why the Aurora, do you ask? Well, because I love it, obviously. Ha! Let me elaborate. First, it is knit, which makes it stretchy and comfy. The fit is snug in the bust but relaxed in the waist; my favorite. It only takes a 2 hours, so I can make a whole stable of them for the warm weather. Best of all, you can mix 2 fabrics!!!! Oh do I have some fun combinations in mind!!!!

So every day this week I will be making and showing off another Aurora tank. I’ll perfect the fit and use up some of my knit stash. It will be a very useful addition to my wardrobe, I think.

Would you like to join me? I will round up all the Auroras I make in a post, but I would love to include yours if you want to make one or two, too! It would be great to have a whole gallery of them to share the possibilities of this cute pattern. You can link to your version in the comments or email me pictures if you don’t have a blog. Be sure and include details on what fabrics you use, so we can see what works well!

Colette Seamwork Aurora tank2My first version I sewed up a straight size small in an athletic mesh and raspberry ITY knit. Well, I added 2 inches in length of course. It is cute! I’m liking it so far.

Some notes: It is a bit snug around the bust, but this mesh is less stretchy than some other knits I will be using. The thing I don’t like is how the pulling distorts the cute gathers at the strap attachment. Will that happen in the other versions, even if the knit is stretchier? I am tempted to just add a half inch in the bust.

Colette Seamwork Aurora tank 4The neckline is very modest. Since the mesh of this version is transparent, a higher neckline is appropriate. But in future versions I’m going to drop that neckline by at least an inch and a half. I will show you that alterations when I make it.

Colette Seamwork Aurora tank 1

I love the shape of the hemline! One of my favorite features.

I followed the directions closely, except for connecting the front straps. I deviated by clean finishing the strap connection and will post a tutorial on how to accomplish this. It is tricky to visualize, so I will have to take some pictures and maybe draw some diagrams. But it looks so much better and will hold up better over time, also.

So that’s the start of Aurora week! I’m heading right back into the sewing room to cut out version number 2! Meet you back here tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Seamwork’s Aurora tanks all week long

  1. This is really cute! Yours is the first Aurora I’ve seen sewn up. I agree the neckline is a bit high. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. You”re looking very sporty, I feel I should almost be going out for a run! Looking forward to seeing some more this week! Might join in if I can find a spare couple of hours 🙂

  3. That’s such a good idea – one week one pattern in a different way. I’m not into Aurora at the moment, but I should try that with a different pattern too. And I’m highly interested in your results with Aurora.

    • Thank you! I love to set little challenges for myself, and I like getting a pattern just right. I hope by my 5th version I will have figured it out!

  4. Beautiful that top! The colours are great together! I think if you use a stretchier fabric the gathers will show up more. I’m looking forward to the following versions 🙂

    • Thank you! The next fabric I have is much stretchier. Actually, all the other fabrics I have are stretchier, so we’ll see if that problem resolves itself.

  5. This will be really fun to follow along with! Great idea. 🙂 It’s interesting to see how high the neckline and armholes are – I would definitely have to lower them as well. A round-up of Auroras will be great for everyone to see it on different shapes and sizes.

    • Thanks for following along! I could lower the armholes, too, but definitely the neckline. I really would like to see it on other people, so I hope people do join in! That is how you can really get a feel for a pattern.

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