Burdastyle 8/2014 #110 Floral shorts

BurdaShortsI think we can all relate to the fact that sometimes, despite your grand plans, you end up with a wadder. That has happened to me a couple times lately. But then sometimes you sew a project and it turns out so well that you realize your skills are improving and forward progress is being made! These BurdaStyle Magazine 8/2014 #110 shorts went that way, thank goodness!

floral shorts frontfloral shorts1Waistbands can be a bit of a struggle, they are fidly, and especially fly fronts that have a zipper and button and waistband treatment. I’ve done it before with fine success, and was even quite proud of my bias bound waistband for the PR Sewing Bee (though those pants ended up being too tight and I’ve never worn them). But these shorts are my pièce de résistance! My mom was even impressed with how well finished these turned out. She said it looked “designer,” the highest praise from my perfectionist seamstress mother.

IMG_0296Making these shorts was just a great experience. I finally used all my little tips and tricks I’ve learned and the construction went smoothly. I used ribbon, not to bind my waistband edge, but to fold it over and reduce bulk. My corners are smooth and nicely turned, and my zipper insertion was uneventful. Even my buttonhole was fine!

BurdaShorts2Part of the ease of this project is due to the fabric. It is a stretch sateen that holds it shape and presses well. The give of the stretch helped ease the waistband in, but it did not distort. I’ve been using some very flowy, stretchy fabric lately (since it is so comfortable and the type of thing I love to wear) so this fabric seemed so compliant. I highly recommend it. I believe I got this one from Fabricmart.com quite a while ago.

floral shorts2The blind hem turned out undetectable! The pockets are comfortable and make the shorts convenient. I’ve now worn them several times and they can be dressed up or down.

BurdaShortsSetOf course my favorite way to wear them is with the matching jacket! Then I look just like a floral couch walking around. Perfect!


17 thoughts on “Burdastyle 8/2014 #110 Floral shorts

  1. Oh Helena, these are indeed perfect shorts and sure to get tons of wear this summer! Love the matching jacket too. I have a soft spot for blue and white floral prints, they’re so fresh & summery to me. I also find cotton sateen is such a enjoyable fabric to sew (and wear).

  2. Im so glad to see you talk about these. They were very intriguing in your pattern review collection. I love cotton sateen too but am often disappointed with fading. Im going to start looking for some prints. Your floral is inspiring.

    • Thank you! It will be interesting to see if there is much fading. The jacket won’t get washed much, but shorts certainly will.

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