PR Contest Wardrobe- Casual Blue w/Bits of Sparkle

Collage3Ta-da! It is done.

I worked so hard on this, barely made the deadline, and my sewing room looks like a tornado hit it, but I am thrilled with the results!

I have been tempted to SWAP (sew with a plan) before, but I read so many inspiring blogs that I get distracted inspired by new things everyday. I am the queen of starting projects. I currently have 22 unfinished projects in my sewing room right now (dating back several years, but still). And did I mention that I am a very slow seamstress?

wardrobe planThe planning of this wardrobe took a while, simply because the planning is my favorite part! Getting all my fabrics out, looking at my patterns, imagining the possibilities…so fun! I found it hard to narrow my plans down to only 8 pieces, with the full knowledge that sewing all those would take a lot of time. And my plans certainly did evolve over the 6 weeks.

But the defining idea was the color scheme of blue, white, and pink and the knowledge that I must have a matching pair of shorts out of the floral sateen I made my bomber jacket. It would be a the cutest two piece set ever! And I feel confident that I was right.

I changed my moto jacket plans when I realized I needed more pink. Then, with the bright floral moto I knew that the aqua tunic would be too many color stories. Disaster struck when I cut my jeans out of the fabric the wrong way, with the stretch going up and down, not around my legs. Ugh. So I added the coral skirt, and it turns out that color is beautiful and the skirt is fun and easy to wear.

Creating the warbrobe also caused me to think about more basic pieces. I hate to sew basic pieces. I want to make things fancy, unique, fantastic, but not basic. So I still had fun with my items but did include a white pencil skirt and a white t-shirt to round out the wardrobe nicely. Of course the pencil skirt has a tulip front and I added a gold pocket to my white t-shirt…

IMG_0317And the sparkle? I had to have some gold! I incorporated gold into my Sew What sweatshirt, a gold pocket on my t-shirt, and a shiny gold zipper on my moto jacket. I have one pair of gold shoes and one pair of gold booties, but I think it is clear I these gold sandals. Right? The advantage of sewing an entire wardrobe is that picking accessories is easy. I might need to invest in a fabulous gold purse, too.

And it was all from stash! I only had to purchase a few bits and bobs. The metallic leather cord, a zipper, some thread and only 1 pattern!

Go check out everyone’s lovely wardrobes at Pattern Review. Voting starts on the 18th, so show your favorites some love.

Stay tuned for more details about all the fun garments I created for the contest!



21 thoughts on “PR Contest Wardrobe- Casual Blue w/Bits of Sparkle

    • Thank you, Faye! Capsule makes it sound so fancy! I just needed to make sure all the tops matched all the bottoms.

  1. Everything works together and looks great. I especially like your shorts & tulip skirt. I may need to make one of those! What sort of knit did you use?

    • Thank you! The tulip skirt is made out of a pretty thick knit that I got at the thrift store. No idea what the content is, I’m sorry. But I feels like cotton-lycra, maybe? I would make the skirt out of a heavier knit because it is so close fitting and I didn’t want everyone to see my lumps and bumps! I’ll review the pattern later in the week.

  2. That is just entirely amazing! I think I have fallen hard for these colours and in fact I want the EXACT SAME wardrobe that you made there.
    I never considered swap, simply because I’m not a great fan of planning, but seeing your results I think I might give it a try. More fabric shopping first, I think … 😉

    • Thank you, Chris! You know about my desire to copy your cute sweatshirts, so if you copy me I guess I could not be upset, now could I? And yes, always, always more fabric shopping. Do what I do, buy all the blue fabric and you’ll be ready for anything.

  3. Pink, gingham, and floral!!! I love this wardrobe. Lucky you I don’t live close enough to raid your closet! You did a super job with this Helena. I well understand the distractions of other bloggers…and, well…anything gold and sparkly, LOL! Best of Luck to YOU!

    • That is so nice of you, Sue! It was fun to change course a little, but I stuck to the plan mostly. The gold popped into it as I sewed, and was a surprise to me that ended up working out.

  4. Wow, that was a lot of work! You made a lot of gorgeous things but my favorite are the pink skirt and the blue gingham top. So pretty.

  5. Congrats on finishing, Helena! That’s no small feat! Your wardrobe is amazing! You got me with the gingham top and those cute floral shorts! I like how everything works well together! Job well done!!!!

  6. I love how this came together! The colors are great, a perfect combination of neutrals and brights. Good luck in the contest! Also, I just finished my Sandpoint. Well, almost. It still needs a hem. But, I’m super excited to wear it now that it’s heating up a bit here in Seattle!

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m excited to see your Sandpoint! It has been really warm lately (not warm compared to Pasadena, but warm for Seattle certainly) and I will be glad to have skirts and shorts to wear.

  7. Very nice! I would love to put together a wardrobe like this, but I have so many “things to do” already! How did you like the Islander jacket pattern? I have ordered that one for myself. I have done one of her’s already, as I know you have too – is it just a well done?

    • Thank you, Linda! Which Islander Jacket, the jean jacket or the new moto jacket? I have the moto jacket, too, but I haven’t made it up yet. The jean jacket is cute and very nicely drafted but watch the sleeves — they were wide on me. I would consider going down a size. It is a huge project with all that top-stitching, but I love mine! And I learned a ton while making it, too. I am such a fan of Janet Pray and the Islander method of sewing!

  8. OMG, I want it all. I’ve often thought I SHOULD sew with a wardrobe plan in mind, but have always been distracted by random projects inspired on the fly. All the pieces work so well together – I’ve just got to follow your example!

    • Wow! Thank you! I usually get distracted, too, but I had a deadline and that really helped me stay the course. But really, so many of my fabrics are in these colors that it was easy.

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