Sew it Chic in a Week #14

Light Chic

The week has flown by and I loved, loved, loved the amazing contributions to Sew it Chic last week! Thank you for all that contributed. Also, I enjoyed reading the comments on the April Sewing Budget post. I’m glad you all humor me in my nosiness. I hope that means that other people are interested in this topic? Or maybe I am the only nerd who thinks it’s fun to read about all the numbers?

unnamed (9)This week we get the pleasure of hearing from Elizabeth from I Sew You Sew. You need to go check out her blog, she has been making some really great projects! Last week she linked up some brilliant culottes, which were really popular! The culotte trend scared me so much when I first saw it mentioned, and yet I seem to be inching towards them each time I see a great pair like hers.

And Elizabeth also was a contestant in the Surprise Sewing Bee with me! She made lovely things for that, too! Here is what she had to say about her sewing:
What is your motivation to sew?

At this stage in my life I really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes. It seems impersonal to me when I buy something off the rack and I’d much rather be involved in the creative evolution that is a piece of clothing. When I make a garment, its my stitches, my fabric choices, my time that has gone into the process and therefore I feel a different attachment to the garment. That’s not to say that I don’t buy clothes, I do! I still haven’t mastered dress pants, so its a necessity. But given the choices of going to a fabric store and planning a garment versus going to a store and buying a garment and I’ll choose the fabric store almost every time. So I guess my motivation to sew is that I love to be a part of the creative process of my clothes. I am also kind of addicted to the feeling I get when I see a garment and know that I could create it myself, it feels like a challenge.

What is your favorite thing about sewing?

Sewing is therapy for me in a couple of ways.  As a Mom there are lots of things that are never completely done.  Diapers, baths, cooking meals, cleaning up a bazillion small toys, are all cyclical activities that seem to go on and on.  Achieving that feeling of getting something done eludes me many days.  Sewing is one thing that I know as I work toward completing a project, will stay done.  Another way that sewing is therapeutic for me is in relation to my job- which I’ve recently returned to after more than 6 years staying at home with my children.  I work in the field of hospice (end of life care).  It is a deep privilege to journey with people at the closing of their lives and I am so grateful that people allow me into that sacred time.  To sustain my work/life balance I sew, my yoga instructor often says, “let your motion be your meditation” and I feel that with sewing- cutting fabric, pinning fabric, feeding it through the machine, ironing it, those are my motions that evolve into meditation.  Its restorative to me.

IsewsYsewWhat is your least favorite thing about sewing?

Oh my goodness- this is where I get to complain!  My least favorite things about sewing are ripping out stitches (all those tiny threads sticking out ugh), having to hand sew something (I don’t think my hand sewing is very good) and my very least favorite is taping together PDF file patterns.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the patterns but for the love of everything holy I hate it when they don’t line up.

What is the most recent thing you’ve learned about sewing?

I feel I am always learning something new about sewing and the challenge of learning a new technique or fabric continually draws me into sewing.  But one important lesson I feel like I’ve learned in the past year is that matching pattern with fabric can make all the difference in the success of a garment.  Oh and one more important lesson it took me a while to understand is that you have to use quilting cottons carefully when making apparel.  It can go really great (I had success with a Grainline Alder and quilting cotton) or really bad.  Thanks so much Helena for including me in your “Sew it Chic in a Week” feature and I really love seeing everyone’s recent makes in the link up.


And now for our weekly link up. Here is a refresher for the rules: 

Women’s garments only
Made or blogged in the past week only – to avoid reposts.
The party is open for a week, until next Friday, and I’ll open a new one Saturday. Feel free to link up every once in a while or try to complete a garment every week!
Optional additional ideas:

If you are on a blogging platform that supports links, please link back to by using the Sew it Chic in a Week button in the sidebar, or just a simple mention in the text of your post. That way more people will find the party!
Look around and share a comment or 2 with a neighbor. I don’t mind admitting that I savor blog comments as much as an unplanned sewing splurge. They are encouraging and build community.

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5 thoughts on “Sew it Chic in a Week #14

  1. My favorite thing about sewing, definitely fabric. My pet peeve is PDF files with no copy shop option (I also hate when they don’t line up!). How hard is it to include one? I’m told the effort to make a copy shop file is minimal. And I just refuse to buy a pattern if its not included, I just have too many other options. (Of note, Style Arc was happy to make me copy shop files in their Etsy store upon request, and another indie designer when I asked her whether her pattern came with a copy shop file told me no, but that if I purchased the pattern she would send me her personal file which was in copy shop form, I was so happy!)

    • That is really interesting! No, it is not much of an effort at all to make them in a large format. And if a customer wants it, I’m happy to oblige. I’ve only used that option once, but it was wonderful! Of course I also I find myself avoiding certain patterns because I don’t want to put them together. It just isn’t the fun part of sewing!

  2. I can relate to Elizabeth’s hatred of ripping out stitches. I’m pretty sure I spend more time ripping out stitches than I spend putting them in on any given project! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to link up!

  3. Thanks for hosting a fun party! I finally made something for me and I’m happy to share it here. I had a problem trying to comment, so I hope I’m not leaving 2 comments:)

  4. Now that i have discovered some designer give the option of copy shop copies, i will choose them everytime, over ones that dont. I really dislike sticking 30 pages together for An adult garment. Unpicking is also a pet hate , cause sometimes it quicker to start frim scratch.

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