I made a sweatshirt…sew what?

SewWhatSweatshirt12I love this simple, cozy sweatshirt pattern from BurdaStyle magazine 9/2014 #114. The set-in sleeves are still relaxed, the neckline in wide and easy to wear, but the coolest feature is that the bodice can be cut on the bias in any woven fabric and paired with knit sleeves for a very cool effect. Next time I will use a wool for a sweatery version.

SewWhatSweatshirt9But this time around I made it in a nice, traditional sweatshirt fleece with really fuzzy pile inside. It is a joy to wear! But I couldn’t just leave it plain, that is not why I sew. Sew what? That is a good question.

IMG_9894The letters are made from a metallic “flat faux leather cord” that was on clearance. Score. I bought a bunch, so watch out while I try to stick it onto all my projects! Anyway, I originally envisioned freehand cursive letters, but the leather cord doesn’t bend well, so I adapted to block letters. I used golden thread to stitch it on, too. It turned out great, just a little bit like I’m shouting, but maybe I am shouting! SEW WHAT? I kept it casual by not centering the text.

SewWhatSweatshirt1Then I added a zipper for more fun! It is kind of a heavy metal zipper, so I had to interface the knit. I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen an even heavier interfacing? Would it still have ended up a little wavy, or more wavy due to the difference in weight of interfacing and fabric? I may experiment with this a bit since I bought a TON of zippers from Wawak (my new favorite place!) and I guess I’ll just cut everything up and stitch a zipper right in! It is my new favorite embellishment.

I added the back length in a subtle curve, too. The original pattern has a traditional bottom band.

SewWhatSweatshirt11I did use some really nice fusible tape on the hem and it made the twin needling smooth. Sometimes on lightweight or stretchy fabrics the bobbin thread tension pulls the two lines of stitches together and creates tunneling. Not with the fusible tape! If this hem needed to be stretchy I would have used knit tape, but you can see it is plenty big and won’t need to stretch. The twin needle was just for pretty, not to preserve the stretch.


SewWhatSweatshirt10Yes, this is finally a finished project for the Wardrobe Contest! I’ve been very unfocused this last month, but now, with only 2 weeks left, I feel the deadline urging me to get going. I think it is fun to sew with a deadline, except when I don’t.


Notice my gold shoes match the lettering!


12 thoughts on “I made a sweatshirt…sew what?

  1. OMG, this is my new favourite sweatshirt ever! I love those changes you made to the pattern (I saw it dropping of the model’s shoulder when looking throught the magazine and never went back to it, but your version is great). And matching lettering and shoes – I salute you!!!

    • Thanks! I don’t remember where I got the idea from, but I love how I can spy that on something totally unrelated and then incorporate the detail into whatever I’m making.

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