Show us your Stash this week!

show us your stash

We’re doing something a little different for this week’s link up  – Show us your Stash. I thought it would be fun to see everyone’s fabric stash…how much you have, how you store it, where your stash may have spread to.

IMG_9918Last week I posted on Instagram some of my stash overflow. But…I wasn’t totally honest. You know how it is desirable to put your most lovely photos, with the most artful filters, up on Instagram. So I took a perfectly angled photo displaying my folded fabric like that was somehow the extent of it.

The truth is, my sewing room isn’t always pretty. I enjoy shopping for fabric, and I am a very slow seamstress. I also tend to “save” my favorite pieces of fabric. Ugh. This has recently gotten out of control.

A year and a half ago -- so clean!

Those green buckets are stuffed so full!

I have 4 green bins that slide into my cutting table where I keep my fabric. At one time, that was perfect, and I kept a few more items in the closet under the stairs. Wasn’t my sewing room beautiful?

IMG_9914In a feeble attempt to keep it organized, I bought a big plastic tub. It was instantly filled AND then I couldn’t put the lid on it. So I just started piling new fabrics up on top. Then they spread to the nearby chair. It is a mountain that I now call my shameful pile of fabric.


The closet under the stairs

Now that I’ve admitted to my shameful stash problem, let me see yours! I created a link party that is open for 4 months, so you can join in whenever you can.

To link up, you can write a blog post that gives us all the juicy details and link to that. Or you could link up a flickr photo or a Instagram photo if you’d like. We can’t wait to see! #addictedtofabric #ilovefabric #fabricporn

Next week I’ll be back with Sew it Chic in a Week, so save up your gorgeous projects for that and we can all admire.
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6 thoughts on “Show us your Stash this week!

  1. Your sewing room is beautiful! I shudder at the thought of revealing how I store my fabric, my sewing room isn’t quite so put together! But I will consider it!!

    • No, no, you misunderstood. That clean picture was a year and a half ago, and the big pile of fabric is how I’m living nowadays. Show us, show us!

  2. haha- I definitely get an F for reading directions… and can’t figure out how to remove my link! I don’t have current photo of my stash, but let’s just say it’s both embarrassingly large and disorganized.

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