Wrap up on the McCall’s 6991 blouse

IMG_9789Sewing this blouse (McCall’s 6991) was an uphill battle that has been dragging on for months. I began a little distracted, and quickly realized that I needed all my attention on my project when I

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immediately finished the wrong side of the self-faced edge. Ugh. I wasn’t going to pick out my beautiful baby hem, it would have just shredded the fabric anyway, so I just refolded it. But I had already sewn it to the yoke. Had to unpick that. Then it didn’t lay as well at the join. So I set it aside in a huff.

McCall's blouse 6991 aThen last week I ordered gray serger thread from Wawak (seriously, SUPER fast shipping and GREAT prices, I heart Wawak!) and as I was waiting for my 10 year old to find time in her schedule to sew doll dresses with me, I looked around for gray projects to work on. Turns out, I have a lot of gray projects since I love gray! I picked this little blouse up and thought, well, it is nearly done! I should just finish it up. God I’m dumb sometimes.

mcCall's blouse cI did go read PR reviews and realized I needed to take it in both widthwise and the back hem was too low. Those were successful alterations. I also read that the sleeves were too wide. But how about button tabs, like Erica did? Yes, I love button tabs! It was the only thing that went well in this project. I adore my button tabs.

McCall's wrap blouse 6991Nearly the final step is to sew up the sides, so I wasn’t totally certain how it was going to hang until it was finished. And viola, I do not like it! My fabric has just a hint too much body and that neckline is so tight and high. It looks like a tent, but how much worse would it have been if I hadn’t read the excellent reviews on Pattern Review and made pre-alterations? I shudder to think.

McCalls 6991 aMy question is, do I make it again in a better suited fabric? In a smaller size? Or is this drape top trend over anyway and I should move on? It is almost summer anyway and it is time to make 100 summer dresses and sleeveless things!

McCall's 6991 blouse d

16 thoughts on “Wrap up on the McCall’s 6991 blouse

  1. I love the detail and concept of the shirt. On me, this would never look good because of what you mentioned: tent-like and boxy. If you like the style, then I’d say try it again with different fabric. What’s the harm? It should be a much easier sew since you’ve done it once!

    • You are too sweet, Chris! I just don’t feel great in it. I need to make a few dozen of those awesome sweatshirts you made. Those would make me feel awesome!

  2. What type of fabric did you use? Looks like crepe, maybe? I think it looks very good on you in the pics but of course we all know that if you don’t *feel* good in it, it’s moot, right? I have this pattern in my stash so thanks for alerting me to the (over)sizing issue.

    • I thrifted the fabric, so I’m not sure of the content. It does have a crepe texture, but it is much more lightweight than other crepes that would pull the drape down more gracefully. I was trying to avoid using chiffon, because I hate working with it, but a good crepe de chine would be awesome, I think!

  3. I have this pattern already cut out and a bright pink challis ironed and ready to cut, its the cutting that always slows me down. Thanks to your review I will pay extra attention to the construction and read those reviews on pattern review for tips. I like the sleeve tabs on yours. Looks great with your jeans and necklace!

  4. I have to say – this top looks fantastic. Must be something more close up that you don’t like, because in the photos, it looks really nice! I’m trying to make this for my daughter, who is still breastfeeding, and thought it might make for easy feeding access. Of course, I DIDN’T read on the back, “Not suitable for prints”. Cut the whole thing out from a lovely cotton lawn print, and when I actually looked at that front piece, I realized why it’s not suitable for a print. So…going to make it, anyway, and see how it looks. Too much time spent on cutting out all single pieces of squirrely cotton lawn to toss it all in the bin, ugh. Hoping the two-tone look on the front will be a “style”! I think the next one I’ll do will be out of a solid rayon challis, as I think that would have the best drape, next to a silk chiffon or charmeuse.

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