Wild cherries on my sweet girl

Shwin and shwin maggie mae 1And now it is time for Kid’s Clothes Week! Yes, I am in the middle of my wardrobe project, but I do love to sew for my girls and I love the inspiration I get during this special week.

The theme is “wild things” and I snapped this cherry challis up at the SewExpo Vogue fabric booth a couple of years ago. I started a Colette Sencha blouse, got it almost completed with french seams and perfect finishes, then decided I hated it. The neck was too high and the release darts were not flattering. It happens like that sometimes. Maybe I should try it on again and see if I still hate it (2 years later)? Maybe you’ll see it soon on the blog!  Never say never.

IMG_9740But I had a little bit of this fabric left over and I still really liked the way the girlish cherries were balanced by the black background. Paired with this REALLY lovely pink stretch satin, it became a Maggie Mae tunic by Shwin and Shwin.

IMG_9743My 6 year old is in a style conundrum right now. She does not like dresses. She says she likes the look of pants, she calls her look “sporty” even, and yet pants dig into her waist and she doesn’t think they are comfortable. Basically she only wants to wear leggings. But we have a strict “leggings are not pants” policy in our home. So I introduced her to the concept of the tunic. This seems to be a happy medium for all of us. I now have had to totally adjust how I shop for her clothes and I had to abandon some sewing projects I had planned. This one I just chopped off to make it tunic length and the day was saved.

IMG_9732It is a sweet little top and D gave permission to put a bow in her hair for a short time because she enjoys getting her picture taken. She threw some crazy poses out there and had fun with it. It was first thing in the morning so the sun was so lovely. These pictures are so cute!



15 thoughts on “Wild cherries on my sweet girl

    • Thanks, Ginny. BTW, I’m taking the Craftsy bra making class and it is fascinating! Not sure I’ll make one, but the class is fun to watch.

    • Yes, thank you! If I didn’t have that policy, my daughter would look like a homeless person. I love her, but sometimes we have to steer her appropriately!

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