Sleeveless Mathilde for summer

Mathilde Sleeveless2Gingham declares summer, don’t you think? So I feel this is a perfect start to the spring/summer wardrobe that I’m creating.

Sleeveless Mathilde blouse2I’ve made the Mathilde blouse before, so I thought this would be a breeze. It mostly was. I do enjoy sewing more quickly when I feel confident about the fit, but I still had a little hiccup. I think my pleats were just a hair too deep, and that meant my top did not match my yoke and it was a little smaller in the chest than it should have been. It still fits fine, though. I gave myself a smidge more room in the back when attaching buttons. Easy fix!

Mathilde top Sleeveless2One unique detail this time was the bias cut yoke. I ended up self lining that yoke piece so it wouldn’t stretch out of shape. It also makes the gingham seem more textured.

Sleeves on MathildeAnd then the sleeves…I knew that giant billowy gingham sleeves were not for me. The cotton is not the right drape, certainly, but also I just thought I would be overwhelmed with gingham. So I slimmed down the sleeve quite a bit, which took some wrangling to get it all on grain. Finally got that slim, elbow length sleeve on there and was like, “Blech! Hate it!” If you follow me on Instagram, you can agonize with me about such decisions!

Of course it was supposed to be a sleeveless Mathilde all along! Yay!Mathilde Blouse Sleeveless2

I got to use my Simflex and Chakoner

I got to use my Simflex and Chakoner

My other extra detail was doubling the buttons! I am trying to use up stash, so I looked through my button box several times. 7 buttons is a hard number to come up with. I couldn’t find any great ones. But I did find these rather plain ones that I made special by doubling up!

Sleeveless Mathilde blouse1Confession- it makes the top impossible to put on or take off on my own. Ha!

I am learning how best to present my entire wardrobe plan. There are a couple different programs I can use to gather that information up and make it look compelling. It is fun to play, but it also means more computer time. I’ll get it together and share very soon!






19 thoughts on “Sleeveless Mathilde for summer

  1. Very cute! Your armhole finishing is perfect 🙂 and my first thought when seeing all those buttons, which I love, was how in the world does one put this on by herself! LOL

  2. Really cute top – the gingham is perfect without sleeves. So, if I were to copy this idea I should perhaps put in a zipper on the side? I’ll try to remember that! 😉

    • Thanks, Linda. I think it totally depends on how fitted the garment is. If I can wriggle around a little I can get ahold of the zipper pull. But buttons? Nope.

  3. Gingham is perfect for summer, and all the details you’ve added really make this one special! I like that the pleats are off to the side–it’s more visually interesting and flattering than over-bust pleats, and the bias yoke adds a nice bit of visual texture.

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