My Striped Tissue Knit Athena

This is obviously the sample I made for the pattern cover, so I know that you have seen it already. But I threw it on for a few action shots so you can see how it hangs on a body.

A few notes: I did not hem this version, since tissue knits are so thin and fine that a hem doesn’t always turn out well. Not hemming was also an adjustment for my long torso, since I cut the size small without any modifications to assess the sample. I also have wider shoulders than average, so the neckline on me does not look at open as on other people.

But despite all that, it is a fun example of my new pattern and I hope you get some ideas to make your own! It is still on 20% off sale until March 21st with coupon code “FIRSTWEEK”.


Why is it so sunny all of a sudden?

Why is it so sunny all of a sudden?


4 thoughts on “My Striped Tissue Knit Athena

    • Thank you, Sue! The key to the pattern is in the fabric selection (as with any pattern, really!) so thank you so much!

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