A peek at the Athena testers

tinkerandstitcher.wordpress.com2tinkerandstitcher.wordpress.com1When I request help in testing my patterns, I do not require my testers to help market my patterns. They are using their time, energy and fabric to sew up a test, and I want to see if they encounter problems in fit, in instructions or in technical details. I also need to see how the design looks on different sizes, since I am only one size.

But I had someone specifically ask to see some other versions of the Athena top, to see how it looks in different fabrics and sizes. I asked my testers if they would be willing, and I am excited to show off just a few testers for some examples of how this top can look!

Please notice that some of these examples had a very wide neckline, and I ended up moving that in and up about half an inch on each side so it would not fall off anyone’s shoulders. The revised neckline is reflected in the line drawing and is more rounded.


I know, these ladies are adorable and so helpful to share their hard work with me!

If you would like to try out theĀ Athena top, I am still running an introductory sale through March 21st of 20% off with the coupon code “FIRSTWEEK”. That code is good for either of my patterns, actually!



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