Sew it Chic in a Week #6

Light ChicHello and welcome to another Saturday where I have the pleasure of hosting your amazing garments. Last week was wonderful, wasn’t it? I was so thrilled each time I got a notification that someone had joined the party! Really great stuff!

And I did finally get my Vogue 1379 dress posted. Hooray! I linked it up below. I ask an important question about the hem length that I would love opinions on, so do chime in if you like.
Last week the most clicks was this beautiful dress by Gabrielle from UpSewLate. She answered a few questions for us below:

What is your motivation to sew? 
When I first started to sew I was an impoverished uni student and I wanted to be able to dress way beyond my means – I found a shop that specialised in super-cheap designer remnants, so sewing let me do that!  After uni I stopped sewing for a long, long time and only picked it up again a few years ago when my job got really stressful and I felt like I needed a creative activity to calm me down and help me not take the stress out on my family. I’d forgotten so much, but that wasn’t the point! And these days sewing is a compulsion – I’m always thinking about it; I just can’t keep away from my sewing stuff :).
What is your favorite thing about sewing?
My favourite thing about sewing is probably the daydreaming part! I also love when there’s a “puzzle” stage in making a garment – I love working out how to fit a pattern on a piece of fabric that *should* be too small, and I really enjoy pattern matching (does that make me a bit odd?).
What is your least favorite thing about sewing? 
My least favourite part of sewing is the finishing, so I always have lots of UFOs lying around, waiting to be hemmed or some hand stitching done. I know a lot of people hate the cutting out stage but I’d be happy to cut out twice if I could skip the finishing!
What is the most recent thing you’ve learned about sewing?

Recently I’ve been trying to improve my understanding of fit. For example, I love raglan sleeves but I get annoyed with the excessive folds of fabric you sometimes get under the arm when you have a raglan sleeve, so I’ve been reading an old pattern drafting book and comparing patterns to work out why some fit better than others!


Thank you Gabrielle! Now on to the new link up!

Ok, here are those tiny rules again:

  1. Women’s garments only
  2. Made or blogged in the past week only – to avoid reposts.
  3. The party is open for a week, until next Friday, and I’ll open a new one Saturday. Feel free to link up every once in a while or try to complete a garment every week!

Optional additional ideas:

  1. If you are on a blogging platform that supports links, please link back to by using the Sew it Chic in a Week button in the sidebar, or just a simple mention in the text of your post. That way more people will find the party!
  2. Look around and share a comment or 2 with a neighbor. I don’t mind admitting that I savor blog comments as much as sharp new sewing scissors. They are encouraging and build community.


4 thoughts on “Sew it Chic in a Week #6

    • Oh, thank you so much for letting me know! I was doing it late at night because I was gone all morning. Poor Gabrielle!

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