Sew it Chic in a Week #4

Light ChicHello, my fellow seamstresses! Are there male sewists that read my blog? I have never had one comment. That would be very cool, I have to say. Anyway, hello, and welcome to the fourth Sew it Chic in a Week.

Here are the results from my very scientific and official poll on pulling pins or leaving them:


I was surprised to see how many do, in fact, sew over pins. At least some of the time. I can’t remember seeing anyone indicate they do this, which is what prompted my poll. I wondered if my mother and I were alone in our pin pulling laziness.

I did get a cautionary tale from Linda from Nice Dress! Thanks I made it!!  who has had a sewing machine needle break and fly right to her eye. Luckily she closed her eyes! How scary!

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone finished this week. I finished a very time consuming dress, but I do not have pictures yet to share with you. Pictures can really slow the blogging process down! I can write and write about the sewing process and how it turned out, but I know you all want to see it, so I will post it after I comb my hair and get some photos.

Here is a reminder of the very simple rules:

  1. Women’s garments only
  2. Made or blogged in the past week only – to avoid reposts.
  3. The party is open for a week, until next Friday, and I’ll open a new one Saturday. Feel free to link up every once in a while or try, like me, to complete a garment every week!

Optional additional ideas:

  1. If you are on a blogging platform that supports links, please link back to by using the Sew it Chic in a Week button in the sidebar, or just a simple mention in the text of your post. That way more people will find the party!
  2. Look around and share a comment or 2 with a neighbor. I don’t mind admitting that I savor blog comments as much as a handmade card. They are encouraging and build community.


4 thoughts on “Sew it Chic in a Week #4

  1. I just found your blog via Chris at Said & Done, and thought I’d weigh in on the pins issue: I was taught to sew over the pins, since pinning = pin basting, and basting stays in until the seam is stitched. I’ve often been surprised at the number of sewistas who pin along the seamline, instead of across it, and then must pull out the pins because they can’t sew over the pin head. In my mind it negates the purpose of the pin in the first place, and slows the process down because you need to stop all the time! I guess my best justification for sewing gaily over pins was a video that showcased the work that goes into a RTW Chanel jacket. You can see it here at about 1’15”:


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