Floral bomber jacket made with the BurdaStyle video

FloralBomberJacket1I gave the BurdaStyle video subscription a whirl recently. Some of the video offered are fairly basic, but I do like to see how other people do things and whether their way is better/more accurate/clever.  I love to learn!

This review is for the Athletic Jacket video. I must admit I feel some resentment that the instructions are so sparse and general that they offer paid videos to show us how to make it, after we’ve paid for the pattern. Seems to me they should just have decent instructions to begin with, right? As a pattern designer, I strive to make my instructions as detailed and helpful as possible, so every customer has the best possible chance for a successful garment. If I ever needed to record a video to help clarify anything, I would offer it free of charge.

BurdaJacket2Meg does truly take you through every step of the construction of this jacket. No smoke and mirrors, she is creating the jacket with you. She knows what parts are tricky and she does have helpful tips and tricks, especially when lining up the zipper or for serging those tricky internal corners. It is valuable to see exactly what she is doing with her hands, where she pins, etc. The pattern is actually quite simple, the sleeves cut as part of the back, and I know I could have put it together on my own, but I enjoyed the company!

FloralBomberJacket2But the welt pocket instruction was not good. Sure, I’m spoilt because I learned from Janet Pray’s Craftsy class and Janet is really a brilliant teacher, and her teaching style is perfect for me. If you had never done welt pockets before, this is not the greatest introduction, though the knit Meg uses is more forgiving. Even though I had done welt pockets before, this time it didn’t go as well as it should have.

floralEyeletBomberJacketOne issue is that there are no seam allowances added to BurdaStyle patterns. So, in the beginning of the video, Meg explains how to cut everything out and add seam allowance. I think I remember her saying to pick whatever seam allowance you are most comfortable with, so I did, and didn’t pay attention to what she chose for hers. But then during the welt pocket tutorial I was following directions and also trying to modify the measurements to fit my seam allowances. It was not precise and it didn’t turn out great for me. Next time I’ll just break out Janet’s video (Craftsy also does a great job of labeling lessons so you can just watch the section you need to). She explains the big picture of how welt pockets are put together and where and why you need to be precise.  With that understanding, you can modify the pockets to fit the project – like I did with my tweed pants.

FloralBomberJacket3But aside from that small part, I liked the video and may take more. Right now I am not subscribed because I am focused on my new pattern, but I might sign up again because there are fun projects and the price is very reasonable.

FloralBurdaJacket1My bomber jacket is made from navy eyelet (not stretchy), stretch sateen (stretch woven) and white jersey for the bottom and cuffs (not ribbing, which would have been preferred for recovery). It is going to be a great lightweight jacket for spring! And I think I have enough of the floral sateen left to make a skirt. That would be quite a two-piece set, huh? The front panel of this jacket pattern only takes a small amount of fabric, so I plan on making it again and having more fun pairing different textures and prints – my favorite!


16 thoughts on “Floral bomber jacket made with the BurdaStyle video

  1. I like your jacket-your fabric choices look great together. I love Craftsy classes too. It’s just so helpful to see someone doing something, and Craftsy does a great job of having good instructors.

    • Thanks! I have several more Craftsy classes waiting for me to watch, and the ones I’ve already taken I refer to again and again.

  2. Very pretty jacket Helena! There’s something about blue & white together always seem so fresh and cheery to me :D. I love the combination of the semi-masculine vibe of bomber style jackets and feminine floral prints.

  3. It looks great! Personally, I’ll take Burda’s excellent drafting and design over good instructions any day of the week, but I’m glad the video’s are good, I have wondered about them, so nice to see your feedback.

    • The Burda patterns are so innovative and so my style, but some of the instructions are confusing. I am muddling through, because I love them. I did commit to the Burda Challenge 2015, so maybe I’ll get used to them.

  4. Cute jacket, everything looks great together. I think with Burdastyle (as I remember someone telling me) the patterns are made in Germany along with the sparse instructions then the people at the US website operate the videos as a separate enterprise, hence having to pay 🙂

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