Use the BurdaStyle Drape cardigan to wear a blanket in public!

BurdaStyle10-2014-113aEven though this BurdaStyle Drape Cardigan 10/2014 #113 was very easy to assemble and sew, I am incredibly proud of it for a few reasons.



  1. I traced this from the BurdaStyle magazine! I have been receiving the magazine for nearly a year, but have been much too intimidated to trace the maze. I used Melissa from Fehr Trade’s tutorial to make it easier. It still was not easy.
  2. I figured out how to wear a socially acceptable, even chic, blanket! This is an supreme win for me, so I don’t have to drape a real blanket over my shoulders while I shuffle around.
  3. Despite this pattern being designed for a knit, my hack of going up one size and using knit only for the sleeves worked perfectly and I love the fit.

BurdaCardigan10-2014-113It is embarrassing to admit how long I have been avoiding the actual business of tracing from the BurdaStyle magazine. It looks like a scary jumble of lines, but how hard can it really be? Lots of other people do it and have done it for years. Turns out, I now proclaim that I will never be tracing any of the patterns outlined in GREEN again. I could see all the other colors clearly, but the green was a nightmare. I sincerely hope my favorites from the most recent issue are in any other color!

burda10-2014-113backI found this upholstery weight fabric at the thrift shop and knew it would be great because the back of the woven fabric is a cool reverse of the front. Reversibility is key for graceful waterfall front on this design.

Burda10-2014-113I made cozy knit sleeves from an amazing lofty wool knit. I want all my clothes made from this stuff. Of course it was also thrifted so I can’t get more. I will have to order swatches from online stores because I have never ever seen anything like it locally. Perhaps it is very old and they don’t make anything like that now? I hope not, it is lovely stuff.

BurdacardiganCollarDetailConstruction was very easy, even though the directions were confusing. I finally just laid them aside and put it together in a way that seemed logical. The collar is cut as part of the front pieces. I knew both sides would show on that back collar seam and it would need to lay nicely. I serged both sides separately and sewed them together, then topstitiched down the seam allowance on both sides so it would stay flat. I used my rolled hem machine all the way around the neverending front and hem and added a wooly nylon to the lower looper. It took a while but it was so easy.Burda10-2014-113

Getting over my paralyzing fear of tracing was a big milestone for me. I will now put those magazines to work and join the BurdaStyle Challenge 2015. Once a month I will try a pattern from the magazine and start getting my money’s worth out of that crazy expensive subscription.burdaStyle10-2014-113


7 thoughts on “Use the BurdaStyle Drape cardigan to wear a blanket in public!

  1. Oh that tracing sure is annoying; I haven’t traced a burda pattern in a while but they do have such an extensive range of patterns! Your blanket coat looks great – I love that blue fabric, and it’s MUCH more stylish than wearing a blanket out and about!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog. I have a whole year of Burda style subscriptions but keep putting off using any of the magazines because of the tracing! so thank you. I will try now. You have made me feel I am not the only cowardly sewer now and you made a great job of this pattern. I was actually wanting to make the exact same pattern since it looks pretty easy and I have some lacey knit fabric. I think it will work for this pattern. Anyway I will bookmark you and come back later. Thank you so much for inspiring me!

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